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Body Mists vs Perfumes

But do you know the difference between body mists and perfumes? We often tend to mix up perfumes with body mist though there are many differences between the two.

Body mists are less concentrated with more of water and less of essential oils. Due to these reasons body mists do not last long enough after being applied and have a lighter scent. So after applying body mists initially, you have to keep touching up. The decent smell of alcohol is due to the fact that alcohol content is more in body mists. And of course, body mists are far cheaper than perfumes.

After bath, towel-dry your body and immediately apply body mist when the pores are open.

The artificial fragrances that are used in these products are often made with cheap synthetic chemicals to replicate the natural aroma that you get from nature. These chemicals have the potent to irritate the skin and harm your health. The only way to keep your health safe is to use organic body mists to stay fresh.

Homemade Body Mists

You might run out of body mists sometime. Don’t panic. Instead, make your own simple body mists at home. All you need are distilled water, any fragrant oil or its extracts and vanilla extract.

Add witch hazel or vodka if you are not keen on using the vanilla extract. Use a 2-ounce spray bottle and fill it to the top with distilled water. Add vanilla bit-by-bit and keep shaking it occasionally and spray to test. And lo and behold your home-made organic body mist is ready.

If you want the spray to last longer and also act like a moisturizer add a few drops of glycerin. You can also soak peaches or apple peels in vodka to make fruit-scented extracts.

Essential Oil Body Mists

Use the all-natural essential oils in your body mists. Essential oils, even though well absorbed by the skin, do not build up in the body. They can heal, soften and nourish the skin better than any commercial product. These essential oil-based organic body mists boost your mood and are a great way to begin your day. They also hydrate and rejuvenate you the whole day through.

Mix water, witch hazel and your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle, seal it and shake it well each time you apply. That’s how simple it is.

Use different essential oils for different fragrances with the basic mixture

  • Use grapefruit with lavender oil for that soothing and relaxed feeling. Lavender is a great remedy for sleeping disorders.
  • Rose and Ylang ylang are known for aphrodisiac effects. Rose is guaranteed to bring romance into your life.
  • Sweet orange can be used to usher freshness into your day during summers and induce festive mood in winters. They are known for their anti-inflammatory and digestion stimulating properties. Sweet orange essential oil is good for cough, colds, infections, stress and indigestion.
  • Lemongrass essential oil is a good remedy for headaches, fevers, excessive sweat, stress and exhaustion. It is known for its antidepressant and antimicrobial properties.
  • Patchouli is good for dry skin, wrinkles, wounds and burns. It is recognized as being antiviral, decongestant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Peppermint and ginger organic body mists are excellent for dealing with headaches, nausea, sinus problems and congestion.

Natural body sprays will make you smell good in addition to its subtle aroma-therapeutic benefits. They can do what synthetically produced body mists cannot do – energize your brain, uplift your mood, relax your body, relieve your tensions and help relax your muscles. In short, these organic body mists can help you get energized and start your day.


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