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It is our birthright to get flawless, soft, silky dewed skin but the problem is the skin remains soft and flawless only during the baby years. Yes, it is a fact! Apart from your face, your skin is the most highlighted part of your body which creates the first ‘best’ impression. As you age, skin too undergoes the natural process of gradual aging, making it dull, patchy, and dryandsheen less, giving a very disillusioned look. It is also not feasible for everyone to get the air-brushed look every single day. But you can maintain your skin to retain its glow by sticking to some basic points, regularly.

‘Can you go totally natural and still get that glow?’ might be the question which arise in your mind. With numerous skin care treatmentsand products available, it becomes very difficult to choose from the wide range as each one seems the best. Trying out natural and organic skin care products will never harm your skin like the chemical infused skin care products. And the hard reality that you don’t have enough time to spend pampering your skin too is taken in to consideration here. So, let’s just get a glimpse of all the natural and pure ways in which you can rejuvenate your skin to restore back its luster and glow.

Diet: The easiest and simplest way to get healthy skin is to eat right and stay hydrated. That means drinking at least eight ounces of water a day and eating foods that are anti-inflammatory and contain lots of anti-oxidants is the best natural way out for a flawless skin. Include lots of low glycemic index foods such as salads, bright red and green vegetables, omega 3 rich wild salmon, avocados, olive oil, and blueberries which are great for your complexion. Your external skin is a projection of what is going on internally. So, just get your food habits straight for the best look.

Cleanser: Washing your face with a gentle cleanser is an easy part of a beauty regimen that can make all the difference. Choose a facial cleanser that is soap-free. Soap products intended for the body are usually way too harsh for the face. Pick an organic cleanser that matches your skin type.


Scrub:Natural and organic scrubs are the best to freshen up your dull skin, by exfoliating the dead cells and helping the process of new cell generation. Skin scrubs helps to remove the dirt, open the clogged pores and even lighten up the skin tone, by enhancing the health of skin. This also brings fresh blood to your face, enhancing circulation and giving you a glow.



Moisturizer: Use a quality natural moisturizer or light serum oil to hydrate your skin from the outside and protect it from the elements. If you do not have any active break­outs on your face, gently massaging organic essential oils or moisturizer will enhance circulation and will keep your skin hydrated and supple.


Exercise:Regular workouts gives you the oomph factor to your skin, as it will have a special glow and pink hue.And the changes are much visible too. So, put on your suit tracks and move your body daily atleast for half an hour. Physical exercises not only tone your body but also tones up your skin.


Skin is the most important as well as the most sensitive part of the body. It needs the best care so that skin stays healthy, radiant and flawless. Synthetic and artificial products cause damage to skin, making it irreparable. It is important to choose plant-based moisturizers and anti-oxidants with bioflavonoidslike natural oils, butters, and essential fatty acids which easily penetrate in to skin better than man-made emollients like petroleum jelly, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

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