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Hand creams are an important part of a modern human’s personal utility kit. It plays a very important role in maintaining the hand in an excellent condition and saving it from the number of various damages that are cause throughout the day. It is very important to take care and protect the vital body parts such as hand against external damage.

We provide one of the best collections of Hand Creams that are made from pure organic ingredients that are gentle on the skin, do not cause any other further damage or effects and protect the skin for a long time. Some of our best products are:

  1. Sattvick Organics Feather soft hand and foot cream

A combination of both foot and hand cream, this is one of the best choices when it comes to picking a reliable protection against external damage of the hand. It helps to hydrate, heal and prevent dry and chapped hands and also prevents other skin damages on the hand. It is easy to use and non-greasy and therefore, doesn’t have counter effects on the skin. It also has an anti-sweat formula therefore, preventing further damage. Made from pure and organic ingredients, its unique blend of oils has a feather like effect on the skin and provides it with long time protection.

  1. Aroma Magic Hand Cream

Daily activities can take a toll on the surface of hands. Dryness, cracks and chapped skin are some of the effects. Aroma Magic Hand Cream is a delicate hand cream made to treat the damage done to hands by the daily activities and other external factors such as cold and dry atmosphere. Its unique mixture of specialised oil penetrate the skin deeply and treat the damage from within thus treating the problem for a long term. It can be applied on almost all the skin types and thus is one of the most sought after option when it comes to picking hand cream for frequent usage.

  1. Iraya Kokum Butter Hand Cream

Made from pure butter and almond oil, this hand cream delivers one of the best results from all the creams avaible in the market. Its main functions include hydrating the skin the skin and keeping it soft and gentle. It also treats dry and chapped which are one of the common problems during changing of seasons or extreme weather. Its natural ingredients make it perfectly safe and gentle on the skin and it is sure to provide the user with an excellent result.

  1. Khadi Natural Hand Cream

Today’s world involves lots of strenuous activities. And with strenuous activities comes various kind of damage to surface of the hand. There are lots of creams available today that promote themselves to be a well-known brand and yet don’t act like one but Khadi isn’t one of them. Made from saffron, apricot oil, goat milk, neem and many other highly effective ingredients, Khadi Natural Hand Cream is a popular choice when it comes to hand creams.

  1. Aloe Veda Hand Moisturiser

Aloe Veda is a brand that mixes the goodness of aloe Vera with the ancient and effective techniques of Ayurveda. The Aloe Veda Hand Moisturiser is a result of one such magical hybrid. Made from organic ingredients and natural techniques, the hand cream provides a gentle cure to most types of damages that are endured by the surface of the hand. Be it cracking, chipping or dryness, the problems are catered to by the Aloe Veda Hand Moisturiser easily. And not only is the current damage repaired in a gentle way, it also provides the skin with protection against any further damage or any other future exposure to such situations. This makes it one of the best hand creams in the market.

With the vast array of hand creams available in the market for skin of all types, it is about time you add hand care to your daily care routine. Begin by getting your first all-natural organic hand cream from right here.


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