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With their day to day stressful activities and packed schedules, people tend to look for ways to relax themselves and go to bed with a reposed mind. Some prefer massages over other means and of course, a massage is beneficial in itself; essential oils heighten your experience. Massages are an effective tool for healing and relaxing and essential oils tend to intensify the effects. A touch of nature over chemicals, they tend to act as an alternative for certain conditions. They are the perfect additive to any type of massage and with the supply of the right oils, you can personalize your own massage easily and quickly.

What’s the big difference?

Pure essential oils (and their blends) enhances your physical wellness, refines your skin, purifies the atmosphere and induces a positive emotional state, helping you rediscover peace. Massage is one of the best ways to introduce them into your body and its major benefit is that it enhances the effects due to ordinary massage modality. To clear your mind of confusions-

  • Safety- First and foremost, they are organic, i.e. derived only from the nature, making use of herbs and flowers. With the fact, that the human skin is highly sensitive, kept in mind, no chemicals have been used in their making. Artificial chemicals might irritate the skin, triggering allergic reactions and harming the skin. Organic products have zero risk factor attached to it and are as safe as they come.
  • Effectiveness- Oils are generally used to help the masseur’s hands to glide over effortlessly. With the massaging techniques and essential oils combined together, it enhances the healing effect.
    • It adds a nourishing element to the massage
    • The fragrance of the oil can enhances mood, sharpens and unwinds the mind
    • It helps to speed up the healing process in the skin
    • Improves blood circulation
    • Cleansing and detoxing effect
  • Cost- People are coming around to realize the harmful effects of chemical and in their search for “healthy”, they’re shifting towards natural. With this dramatic rise in the consumer side, organic massage oils have become very much affordable.

Things that I need to keep an eye out for:

There are a huge variety of massage oils available, different natural derivative with each one having its own benefit on the skin.

  • Lavender- Ideal for helping out with skin infections and repairing sunburn. Is a great anti-oxidant and helps out with insomnia, inflammation, and abdominal cramps. The scent of the lavender oil has tremendous calming effects and works wonder on people suffering from anxiety disorders.

  • Rosemary- Highly effective in increasing blood circulation to the body extremities. Relaxes the muscle and tones your skin, leaving you radiant. The rosemary oil has a piercing fragrance that clears up the respiratory tract and heightens awareness.
  • Eucalyptus-The oldest amongst the materials used, eucalyptus oil is great for relaxing wound up muscles and healing muscle aches. A natural bactericidal and antifungal, clears congestion and opens up the airway effectively.
  • Sandalwood- A natural aphrodisiac; has skin repair and moisturizing properties. It warms the skin, improves blood circulation and calms skin agitations. Sandalwood is found to have a stimulating aroma that promotes mental clarity, boosts memory and improves concentration.

  • Peppermint- Relieves muscle pain, congestion, and migraines, Peppermint is a natural ADHD support. Has a stimulating aroma that sharpens the mind and is helpful in controlling hunger cravings.

There are many other blends of essential oils present that have the same effectiveness. Although, some oils such as Sage, Jasmine, Cedarwood, etc. are to be avoided by pregnant women. Essential oils are highly concentrated and proper care has to be taken while using them.

Specially designed with the objective to relax, soothe and revive your body and mind and keep you on your feet so that you can go on and about with your everyday activities without any hitch, massage oils are the healthy solution people are searching for.


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