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Are you always finicky about taking out your shoes, when you are visiting your temple or one of your friends because you are worried that your feet will stink. Are you worried that people around you turn up their nose when they see you coming because they know that your feet are going to stink? Do people avoid your company without telling you the actual reason, then probably your feet stink. If you have answered yes to any one of the about questions, then keep reading to find out solutions to your problem. There might be numerous reasons for stinking feet, lack of hygiene, unclean shoes or socks etc. But if you follow the below given simple steps your stinky feet problem might be solved.

  1. Wash Your Feet

    Maintaining a basic hygiene is very important to treat your stinky feet. Heat up some water and pour it in a tub. Add two tablespoons of Himalayan rock salt and stir it well, mixing the salt in the water. You can also add a fragrant bath salt to this water. You can also add shampoo, conditioner, or a shower gel to this water. Adding a few drops fragrant essential oil like lavender oil, geranium oil will not only make the water fragrant, it will also absorb the foul odor from your feet. Adding an essential oil like frankincense oil will work as an astringent and will help to cleanse your feet. There are few more things that you can add to your soaking water, from your kitchen or lying around in your house, will make a lot of difference to it. Soaking your feet in green tea water for 30 minutes everyday once in a week. The tannic acid in the tea will dry out your skin. Adding some alum to your soaking water will clean your feet. Mixing one cup vinegar to your soaking water will make the acidic which will kill the bacteria living on your skin. Remember, if your skin is already a little acidic, doing this will worsen it.

    2. Scrub Your Feet

    Take palmful of a body scrub, add a few drops of water to it and rub it in your palms. Now scrub your feet with this scrubber. This will not only exfoliate your feet and remove the dead skin, this will also cleanse your feet thus removing the debris and dead skin that might be the root of all the foul smell. You can also use a pumice stone or a scrubber to clean your feet.

    3. Clean Your Footware

    Start with cleaning your socks. Change your socks daily and wash them with a good quality detergent. Another thing to keep in mind is using socks made of cotton or even better organic cotton instead of using socks made of synthetic fiber. The cotton socks will not only reduce sweating, it will also absorb any extra sweat from the feet which is one of the main reasons of stinking feet. Organic cotton will reduce the chances skin irritation and infections. Now let’s move to your shoes. If you have a tendency of sweating a lot, it is advisable to use open toed shoes. Besides you can put cedar wood shavings or clove inside in your shoes, when you are not wearing them. They will absorb the odor. You should also wash and dry your shoes in the Sun every day, this will kill all the bacteria in the shoes. Put baby powder in your shoes, this will absorb all sweat and wetness from the shoes.

    4. While Wearing Your Shoes

    While wearing your shoes, wear a freshly washed pair of socks. Also, rub your feet with some baby powder or any other fragrant powder. This will not only absorb your sweat it will also provide a mild fragrance to your feet. Keep on rotating your shoes, don’t wear the same shoes every day, this will give your shoes some rest and give them time to get dry and fresh.

    Bringing these small differences in your daily routine will bring a lot of change in your life and will keep your feet away from foul odor.


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