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Winters are round the corner, and it’s almost time to say goodbye to all the heat and sweat. But when it’s time for winter, it’s also time to deal with dry and chapped lips. Dryness and lack of moisture in the environment is the most common cause for dry lips. Since the lip skin is very sensitive, most of us face this problem, making it difficult to enjoy the season completely. But there’s never a problem without a solution.

Here are 6 easy and effective ways to say goodbye to dry lips and a warm hello to softer lips:

  • Try Natural Remedies:

It is well said that nature has a cure for everything in the world. If you are someone who prefers natural remedies over various products, then there are a number of solutions for dry lips.

  1. Sugar Scrub: Sugar is readily available in the kitchen, and it is one of the most effective remedies for chapped lips. Take some sugar, add olive oil and rub this mixture gently over your lips. This will take off all the dead skin and leave your lips soft and moisturized.


  1. Honey to the rescue: Honey is certainly the best and natural moisturizer. If you have chapped lips, apply some honey over it and see the brilliant results.
  • Check Your Diet:

It is very much necessary to include items that hold more water in them to ensure appropriate water levels in your system. This results in better moisturized skin and lips. Also, drink lots of water. This is equally important in winter as it is in summer.


  • Try Organic Products:

While most of us don’t find the time to prepare natural remedies and prepare them at home, organic products are the next best possible solutions. With the essence of nature and healing properties in them, organic lip care products work best.

  1. Organic Lip Balm:

Organic lip balms have essential oils, natural wax ingredients that soften lips upon application. Various brands offer lip balms in various organic flavours. The organic ingredients of the lip balms also help in healing broken lips in a short span.

  1. Organic Lip Butter:

Organic lip butter differs from a lip Lip butter usually is more oily but in a better way. Lip butter adds a lot of moisture to your lips making them feeling soft and smooth all day long. One can choose from various brands of organic lip butter.


    1. Lip Cream:

    If one has largely cracked and chapped lips, then it is very essential to apply lip cream over them. As lip cream is a healing product, it has soothing ingredients such as petroleum jelly, essential oils, aloe vera, depending upon the brand you choose. There are a few lip cream products that can be applied overnight to see optimum results the morning after.


      1. Lipsticks: 

      Yes you read it right! Organic lipsticks also do help in keeping lips soft and moist unlike the ones with animal fat that dry the lips completely. Organic lipsticks have ingredients of oils like almond oil, honey, ayurvedic ingredients and completely natural colour. This is a perfect example of combining style with lip care.


        When it comes to lip care, there are a large number of products that claim to heal dry lips or offer great moisture. While some of the times they do work, but nothing works better than organic products. Since years, it has been proved that natural products are best for health and treatment of sensitive skin. And no one would want to harm their beautiful lips with chemical products. So it’s time to move to effective organic products for smoother, brighter and healthier lips!


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