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Lip balms are used by women all over the world to help moisturize lips and to heal and relieve chapped or dry lips and sores. Lip balms are available in a lot of different shapes sizes and colours and are made of just as assorted a set of ingredients. Some of these ingredients do exactly what they are supposed to, soften and moisturize your lips to give you the soft and supple lips you want; others cause further dryness and damage that makes you keep reapplying your lip balm to get rid of dryness.

6 BAD ingredients in your lip balm

Here are some of the ingredients that you should keep an eye out for when you pick out your lip balm

  1. Petroleum jelly and petrolatum

Petroleum jelly and petrolatum are both by-products of petroleum and provide an effective but non-sustainable solution to dryness as they are developed from non-renewable resources. Instead of these moisturizers, organic options may be healthier for your skin in the long run as these may be contaminated with carcinogenic hydrocarbons.

  1. Fragrances, Artificial colours

Artificial fragrances and colouring in your favourite lip balm may cause irritation and dryness as your lips are a very sensitive part of your body. Choose Organic Lip Balms instead that give you a more healthy colour and shine.


  1.  Menthol, camphor and phenol

These three compounds are included for their cooling effect but in the long term they can cause dryness and swelling of the lips and the skin around the mouth.

  1. Salicylic acid

This compound is used for exfoliation and for relieving pain but can cause allergies in some cases, especially if proven allergic to aspirin.

  1. Aloe butter

Aloe butter is an effective moisturizing agent and is also known for its healing and soothing properties but it has shown to irritate the sensitive skin of the lips in some cases.

  1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is revered as an antioxidant and its anti-aging properties are proven, but it has also been shown that Vitamin E can cause irritation and dryness to the lips.

6 GOOD ingredients in your lip balm

Organic Lip Balm options available commercially are made from all natural extracts and natural ingredients that do not harm the delicate skin of your lips and are therefore the better choice in comparison to the other lip balms available in the market. Here are some ingredients that are good for your lips that you should look for when you buy an Organic Lip Balm.


Beeswax is an all-natural substitute for petroleum jelly as a moisturizer and works even better. If you find beeswax in the ingredients, then you are good to go. Other types of natural wax like carnauba wax are also healthy natural moisturizers.

  1. Dimethicone

Dimethicone is a natural skin moisturizer that helps to treat or prevent the occurrence of dry skin and skin irritation. It also does not cause allergic reactions due to its large chain polymer molecular structure.

  1. Lanolin and Cocoa butter

Lanolin, Cocoa butter, shea butter and other natural oils (not mineral oil!) are all good for your skin. These help to keep your skin moist and supple and are also completely natural. If you find them in your Organic Lip Balm’s ingredient list, that one is a keeper.



  1. Sunscreen

It’s not just your face, arms and neck, your lips need protection from the sun too. Sunscreen is an important component of lip balms that most lip balm manufacturers conveniently leave out from mentioning. Ensure that your lip balm has a sunscreen of high SPF value.

  1. Up to 5% humectants

Humectants like urea or glycerine are an essential component of your Organic Lip Balm as they increase water retention and help to heal cracked skin.


Parabens are a class of preservatives that are used in cosmetics to increase their shelf life. They are also used for fragrance as they are ester compounds. Organic lip balms are always completely natural and free of preservatives.

To achieve your goal of obtaining perfectly soft and supple lips while ensuring that you don’t apply chemicals that are harmful to your skin, switch to Organic Lip Balms that you can get from right here.


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