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Till now, you have been experimenting with several beauty creams to make your skin and hair look beautiful. You must have succeeded with some products while others may have caused some side effects. Have you ever thought of trying natural essential oils? Yes, you heard it right? Natural oils are an answer to all skin and hair related problems, be it acne, ageing or dry hair. So, add these herbal oils in your daily beauty regime and flaunt your skin and hair wherever you go. And, to top it all, they do not have any side effects as well.

  1. For acne

You are now all grown up leaving puberty way behind but the acne problem still persists. You have tried all sorts of creams and treatments to get rid of pimples but they appear again and again. Well, worry not! Just try tea tree oil. It has anti-fungal properties which keep bacteria at bay. Besides, thyme and calendula oil too help in treating acne owing to the anti-bacterial agents present in them. Learn more about the properties of tea tree oil here.

  1. For dry hair

Every time you comb your hair they stretch and cause pain. Also, there is no shine in them. Instead of opting for over-the-counter conditioners, try out argan oil, which is a great moisturizing essential oil. The vitamins and fatty acids present in it nourish hair follicles, thus making your hair soft and shiny. You can try other oils like avocado and castor. Also, coconut oil and hot olive oil deeply nourish the scalp, making your hair soft and smooth.

Coconut oil is a great cooking oil as well. To know about its benefits, click here.

  1. For long and lustrous mane

If you have been yearning for long and lustrous hair, then try out ylang-ylang oil. It not only prevents your hair from damage due to salty water but also keeps them strong. Jamaican black castor oil is another great option for good hair growth.

  1. Body scrub

When essential oils are mixed in body scrubs, they not only provide nourishment to the exfoliated skin but also ensure regeneration of new tissues. To make a scrub at home, mix almond oil and sea salt together. Gently exfoliate your dead skin with it. Make sure that salt pieces are not big enough otherwise they may hurt you. This scrub works well for dry and chapped lips as well.

Almond oil has several other beauty benefits. To see how, click here.

  1. For rejuvenation of face

If you wish to do away with your face’s natural oil, just dab some essential oil on your face. All you need is either grape seed or jojoba oil. Take a dollop of it and massage on your face. Later, wipe your face with warm wet towel. You will definitely feel refreshed after that.

Jojoba oil has several other benefits. To know more, click here.

  1. For a glowing skin

To get a glowing and marks-free skin, all you need to do in incorporate rose hip and jasmine oils in your beauty regime. Since rose hip oil is a rich source of lycopene and vitamin C, it helps in skin rejuvenation. While jasmine oil works on stretch marks and fine lines and maintains proper elasticity.

  1. To prevent effects of ageing

Ageing is something which each one of us dreads. We cannot stop the skin from getting wrinkles and fines lines but can delay them for sure. Essential oils like geranium, frankincense and patchouli can really help in fighting ageing signs. Since geranium oil boasts of astringent properties, it therefore tightens the skin. The other two oils too have the same anti-aging effects. However, they also keep natural skin oil under control and can treat eczema and dermatitis.

  1. For removing makeup

You need not buy any toners and cleansers from the market to remove makeup. All you need is castor, olive and sunflower oils. Just mix equal proportions of all three oils. Use a cotton ball to apply this mixture on your face. Gently wipe off all the makeup.  Rinse your face with lukewarm water.


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