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Your body uses the time you sleep to rest and recuperate so that it can function well the next day. Your mind also needs to shut down after a hard day so it can be fresh for the next morning. But did you ever think that your skin is also using this time to rejuvenate itself every night?

While everyone knows how important it is to remove makeup before heading to bed, not too many people focus on adding another element to this routine – Night Cream. A liberal application of night cream before you sleep helps to hydrate and nourish your skin to drastically improve the quality.

Your skin undergoes a lot of stress daily. Regular exposure to sun, pollution and even a taxing day can have adverse effects on the skin. This is why it is important that you invest a few minutes every night to care and nurture for your skin using a deep enriching night cream.


Benefits Of Using Night Cream

  1. Deep Hydration

With exposure to harsh conditions and daily use of soaps and face-washes, the skin gets stripped of its natural oils and can begin to look dry and flaky. Changes in season can also affect the oil production and moisture retaining capacity of the skin making it feel parched and lifeless. When the skin becomes dry, it is very susceptible to cuts, rashes, and itching which can further cause immense damage. A night cream works through the evening to hydrate the skin and restore the quality affected by such damage. Night creams usually consist of more moisturising elements than your regular day creams so don’t be surprised if it feels heavy on your skin. The moisture gets absorbed through the night leading you to wake up to brighter, softer and healthier skin.

  1. Prevents Early Ageing

Our busy and stressful routines combined with the harmful effects of pollution and exposure to UV rays start affecting the skin and lead to wrinkles and age spots before time. Night creams can be used to reverse these effects and bring your skin back to its natural youthful glow. It acts as a firming and lifting agent to diminish signs of early aging and bring back your soft and supple skin. Night creams give your skin intensive treatment by the use of salicyclic acid, retinol and other much needed ingredients to maintain your dewy appearance.


How To Choose A Night Cream

Night creams use a combination of highly effective ingredients to treat the skin and regain its natural health. But many brands use a lot of synthetic ingredients which show immediate results but may end up harming the skin in the long run. So it is beneficial if you pick your night cream which contains naturally occurring and organic elements to keep your skin in good condition. Now at every age, your skin has different needs. A twenty year olds skin is drastically different from someone in their forties. Keeping this in mind, you need to choose a night cream which contains special ingredients needed for the skin at every age.

In Your Twenties

It is recommended that you start using a night cream right from your twenties. Since your skin is at the peak of its health at this age, you don’t need to use a cream with too many natural chemicals. Pick a night cream made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, honey, tea tree oil etc.

In Your Thirties

Your skin begins to undergo the ageing process in your thirties. So you need to start working with more intensive and active ingredients. Pick a night cream which consists of retinol, amino acids and other natural antioxidants.

In Your Forties

The skin can begin to look dull and may start sagging. To keep it healthy you need to make sure there are enough vitamins in your night cream. Pick one which uses peptides and soy extracts and is high on the vitamin content.

After Your Fifties

The skin will begin to dry out after this age. So it is crucial that you use a night cream which is highly moisturising and made with essential oils which will deeply hydrate the skin.

It is advised to use night cream after thoroughly cleansing your skin and approximately half an hour before going to bed. Using even a little bit of quantity but being regular and thorough will go a long way and your skin will be thanking you for the rest of your life.

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