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Skin is perhaps the most sensitive part of the body. The epidermis or the outer layer of the skin is exposed to a wide range of things everyday. This in turn has an adverse effect on the skin as it makes the skin look damaged. Sunlight is one of the most common factors that harm the upper layer of the skin. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that cause premature ageing of the skin and can even lead to serious skin disorders like skin cancer. It becomes very essential to protect the skin from these ultraviolet rays as well as other pollutants and things that the skin is exposed to. Ageing of the skin, breakout of acne and pimples, wrinkles, allergies, bacterial, fungal or viral infections etc. are a few problems that may occur when the skin is exposed to unwanted particles and is not taken care of properly. It is thus essential to take preventive care of the skin on a regular basis.

Skin treatment does not always involve chemical processes but can be preventive treatments as well that is undertaken to ensure that the skin remains clean and healthy.

Skin treatment the natural way

It is best to follow the natural methods of keeping the skin healthy and ensure that it does not get damaged in any manner.

  1. Using sun block is very essential for preventive skin care and treatment. The unwanted ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause the skin to degenerate more quickly as compared to any other substance or particle. Using a sunscreen lotion or cream forms a protective layer on the skin and prevents it from getting damaged.
  2. Washing the face daily with a cleanser or a face wash is essential as it keeps the face clean and dirt at bay thus getting rid of dead cells and giving the skin a fresh look.
  3. Exfoliating the skin with scrubs is also a great way of getting a clean skin and treating the skin off dead skin cells.
  4. A healthy lifestyle is perhaps the best way of treating the skin from any type of problem. It is essential to eat a healthy and a balanced diet and drink lots of eater so that the skin remains clean and clear. Stress is not good for the skin and so it is essential to lead a stress free and healthy life for a beautiful skin.
  5. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and can work wonders for the skin. It is essential to include this vitamin in the diet in the form of fruits and juices. One can even try vitamin C supplements to ensure sufficient intake.
  6. A regular exercise regime can help remove toxins from the body and thus keeps the body clean. This in turn keeps the skin clean and gives it a healthy glow.
  7. Getting enough sleep is also essential for the skin as the skin looks refreshed and problems like wrinkles and dark spots are kept at bay.
  8. One must avoid using too much makeup on the skin as the use of chemically treated products not only clogs the skin pores but also damages the skin. When used, the makeup should be removed so that the skin remains clean.

Skin treatment for different skin types

The type of skin care regime or treatment that can be used for the skin depends on the type of skin that a person has. Different types of skin care products like to toners, cleansers, moisturizers and face washes are used to treat the skin.

  1. Dry skin looks dehydrated, lacks oils and has breakouts of acne and pimples. Skin treatment for dry skin simply requires washing the face with a creamy cleanser. One can use a toner and a moisturizer that can keep the skin hydrated.
  2. Oily skin looks very shiny and is the most prone to problems like acne, pimples and is rough in texture. For treatment of oily skin, it is essential to use cleansers and other products that are alcohol free. The skin should be moisturized and hydrated for a glowing look.
  3. Combination skin is both oily and dry and it is essential to ensure proper treatment of this type of skin. Different types of products need to be used for this skin type.
  4. Sensitive skin may be allergic to the use of beauty products. It must be treated with skin products that have a soothing effect.


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