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Dandruff is a very common condition of the scalp which affects many and causes the scalp to become flaky and itchy. Dandruff can have a lot of causes. It may be due to dry or even oily skin, growth of bacteria on the scalp, lack of hygiene and so on. It can be quite embarrassing when someone points out your dandruff in public. But there is nothing to worry about; it’s not a permanent condition and can be easily treated. Rather than spending a ton of money on dandruff treating shampoos and conditioners, you can try a few simple tricks to work it out yourself. Go ahead, take a look, and say goodbye to dandruff for good.

  1. Coconut Oil

Grandma always talked about the importance oiling hair. Well she wasn’t wrong. Not only does coconut oil help keep your hair healthy and make it grow long, it also nourishes the scalp and keeps dandruff at bay. Coconut oil has antifungal properties which treats the scalp condition and eliminates dandruff. It also acts as a moisturiser for a dry scalp and reduces the problem of itching. To use coconut oil for dandruff treatment, warm up 4 to 5 tablespoons full of coconut oil in a bowl. Squeeze the juice of a lemon in it and mix it well. Now rub it onto your scalp thoroughly so it is well coated. You can leave it on for an hour and wash it off. However it works best if left on overnight. 

  1. Neem

Neem has been used in Ayurvedic treatments for skin and hair since generations. It has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which treat the dandruff while the cooling action of the plant extract soothes the scalp from itchiness and reduces flaking of skin. It also contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which treat the swelling and infections that develop on the scalp when suffering from dandruff problems. Neem oil is one of the best solutions for a dandruff problem. Take a small quantity of oil and rub it onto the scalp using a cotton ball. Cover your head with a warm towel and leave it on for an hour. Wash it off as usual and you will feel instant relief from dandruff and itchiness in the scalp. For more details, click here.

  1. Lemon Juice

Lemons have acidic properties which remove fungal infections and provide relief from itchiness. It also removes the flakes of skin that develop causing dandruff and make the scalp healthier and cleaner than before. You can use lemon juice in a variety of ways to treat dandruff. Try mixing it in a bowl of yogurt and applying it on your scalp and hair strands. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. The yogurt makes the hair softer and soothes the scalp while the acidic action of lemon fights fungal infections. Alternatively you can take a sliced lemon into the bathroom with you and directly rub it on your scalp. Remember to wet your hair first before applying the lemon. Rub it vigorously all over your head and leave it on for a few minutes before thoroughly washing it off with shampoo. Try this twice a week for a few months and your dandruff will be long gone.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is used in a large number of products for skin and hair treatments, but it is best when used in its natural form to treat dandruff and problems of the scalp. It fights the fungi and bacteria that build up on the scalp over time due to product residue, humidity, sweating or poor hygiene habits. To use tea tree oil, you can add a few drops to your usual shampoo before washing your hair or mix it with coconut or olive oil and oil your hair weekly. Avoid directly applying tea tree oil to your scalp as it is fairly strong. Get to know more about its benefits here.


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