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Oily skin is an indication that your sebaceous glands are working overtime and pumping out and excess of sebum which is coating the uppermost layer of the skin. It develops a waxy substance and can get trapped with the dirt particles and lead to the eruption of pimples and acne. Stress, changes in hormones, hereditary factors, pregnancy and effects of contraception can be some of the reasons for oily skin. However, contrary to popular belief, having oily skin is not such a bad thing. The oil natural oil production in the skin can prevent early signs of ageing and wrinkling of the skin. But of course you need to be more careful and pay a little more attention than usual. It is important to cleanse the over productive pores and remove the dust particles and pollutants which can get trapped. It is necessary to follow a careful skin care regimen to ensure that oiliness of the skin doesn’t get out of hand. Read on to find out how.

  1. Use The Right Cleanser

How you wash your face is very important to appropriately maintain oily skin. It is important to use hot water as it is more effective in dissolving the oil as compared to cool or lukewarm water. Next, be careful while choosing your facial cleanser. Avoid products that contain creams and lotion like properties which will add an extra layer of moisture and make it oilier. Choose antibacterial cleansers which contain essential oils like tea tree oil which can combat the excessive oil production. The anti microbial properties help prevent development of infection due to accumulated dirt. It is preferable to use liquid face washes with citric or lactic acids which remove the dead skin layers and reduce the oil settlement in the pores. You can find a variety of natural organic cleansers here.

  1. Apply A Natural Toner

Toners are necessary to effectively clean off the layers of product and even out the skin. Using a toner after washing your face tightens the pore and makes your skin feel firmer. It refreshes and rejuvenates the skin and makes it appear brighter and more youthful. One of the best natural toners you can use is rose water. It has soothing, cooling and anti inflammatory properties which minimise the pores and reduce the occurrence of breakouts. It overall boosts the health of the skin, increases blood circulation and makes your skin get a radiant and natural glow. To use rose water as toner, take a generous amount on a cotton ball and gently apply it all over your face after thoroughly washing it out. Do not wipe the rose water off, and let it seep into the skin and air dry. This helps to tighten the pores and makes your skin look more evenly toned. Find out more information about rose water here.

  1. Massage Your Face

A thorough facial massage livens up the skin and boosts blood circulation. It relaxes the skin and encourages the release of natural hormones which improve the overall health and makes your face appear brighter. While it may seem odd, using facial oil provides the skin with the necessary nourishment and combats the excessive oil production in the skin. The massaging action of the finger with the oil also works to affect the sebaceous glands and reduce the overall oil production in the skin. Get all the details you need about the benefits of a facial oil massage here.

  1. Apply Face Masks

Clay, mud or neem masks are very effective to combat oil production in the skin and even out the quality and texture while improving the overall appearance. It reduces the greasiness and draws out the impurities that are settled in the deeper layers. Adding a few drops of rose water to the face mask also enhances the benefits of the mask and effectively treats the problem of oily skin. The face pack absorbs the sticky film of oil on the skin and reduces the overall shine. Get more details about effective face masks here.  


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