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Cotton Pads are usually made of 100 percent pure cotton. Being natural, they are very soft and tender and therefore suit all kinds of sensitive skin types. Cotton pads are mainly used for medical and cosmetic purposes. Here, we outline their cosmetic uses:- 

1. To Apply Make Up

Cotton pads are also used to apply make up. Blush, for example can be applied smoothly on the cheeks without streaking with the help of cotton pads. Other powdered make-up is also easy to apply using cotton pads. It allows for a smooth and even distribution of the make up and can be used and thrown. When make-up brushes are used, they need to be washed after each use. 

2. To Remove Nail Polish

Nail polish has been popular amongst women for many decades now. Whether sober or bright colors, we see women adorning different shades as per their mood, dress style and occasion. The easiest way to get rid of nail polish applied on the fingernails is by dabbing a cotton pad with nail polish remover. A few rubs on each nail and voila, the polish disappears in seconds. 

3. To Remove Make-Up

Use cotton pads doused with some coconut oil or make-up remover to remove make up at the end of a long day. Remember, its unadvisable to sleep with make-up on as it closes pores and makes the skin dull. 

4. To Ease The Application Of Nail Polish

Have you ever struggled with applying nail polish on your toes? Well fret no more. Just use 2-3 cotton pads bunched together to create separators between toes. Your toes won’t rub against each other causing no chance of any smudging. 

5. To Fix Smudged Make-Up

Anyone can have a bad make-up day! If you have overdone your mascara or eyeliner, use a cotton pad with a dash of make-up remover to clean up tiny mistakes. If it’s bigger than a tiny mistake, you may need to use the cotton pad to remove all of it and start over. 

6. To Help Travel Light

It can be quite a nightmare when you have to travel just for a couple of days and have to carry full bottles of cosmetics and make-up. Cotton pads present a solution! Just smear a sufficient amount of each product you anticipate you will need on different cotton pads and store them in separate small bags. You can use and discard and not worry about carrying your entire cosmetic case with you. 

7. To Apply Perfume

It can be quite upsetting to get your expensive outfits stained with sprays of perfume. A better way to apply perfume is to first spray it on a cotton pad and then swipe it on the skin. This way, not only do sensitive parts of the body get protected from the spray, even jewelry stays protected. 

8. To Ensure Zero Wastage

When you reach the end of a cosmetic like a lipstick, it can get quite annoying as you don’t want to waste it but cannot seem to get it out. A cotton pad comes very handy at such times. Stuff it into the lipstick case to the last bits out and apply them. 

9. To Minimize Shoe Bites & Blisters

New shoes can be quite painful. Avoid painful shoes bites and blisters by sticking cotton pads in the areas likely to be affected and keeping them in place with band-aids. 

10. To Apply Cleansing Milk

Use cotton pads in your daily routine by cleaning up accumulated dust and grime with cleansing milk doused over a moist cotton pad. Follow this with a wash with a gentle face wash. 

11. To Apply Toner

Apply toner to your face and neck by putting a few drops of it on a cotton pad and lighting dabbing it. Your skin will feel hydrated and fresh. 

Applying and removing make-up and cosmetics becomes much easier with good quality cotton pads. Having them around proves handy in many different ways.

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