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Rose Water is a wonderful pure extract from the petals of the rose flower. As the rose flower is well loved for its beautiful fragrance, rose water also packs in this beautiful fragrant goodness. Rose water has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. It is also filled with anti-oxidants and numerous vitamins. 

A woman’s beauty regime can be complemented in numerous ways using rose water. Let’s take a look at some of them:- 

1. Spray It On For Freshness

Rose water can be sprayed on the face at any time of the day for a fresh feel. Using it like a mist of even dabbing it slowly with a cotton pad can create a wonderful feeling of freshness. On sultry summer days, this can be a great companion to carry around. 

2. Apply To Soften Dry Skin

Some women may be suffering from dry skin, making their skin look undernourished. Applying rose water can make the skin soft, smooth and supple within minutes. 

3. Use To Tighten Pores

Tightening pores helps in reducing the incidence of wrinkles. Regular use of rose water helps in toning skin and making it look youthful and radiant. 

4. Use For Aromatherapy

Rose water can be a great additive for aromatherapy. It can fight stress and can provide a great sense of well-being and positivity at the end of a long tiring day. You can add it to your bath water. 

5. Works As A Make-Up Remover

Removing make-up at the end of a day is a strict beauty regime that you must follow. If not removed, make up can clog the skin pores making them dull and lifeless. Rose water is a wonderful natural make-up remover. Dab it on a cotton pad and gently wipe areas with make-up. It not only removes make-up, but also leaves the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 

6. Use It To Reduce Puffiness Around The Eyes

Rose water when chilled in the fridge can serve as a great eye mask reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Its cooling effect provides a soothing effect.

7. Mix It In Your Creams

Everyday when you take a dollop of cream in your palm to apply on your face and neck, add a few drops of rose water to it. This will leave you feeling soft and supple. 

8. Use It To Treat Acne

Some drops of lemon juice when mixed with an equal quantity of rose water acts as an amazing cure for acne and blemishes. If this mixture is applied on the affected areas regularly for about 2-3 weeks, results will be evident. 

9. Use It As A Cleanser

Rose water can be used as a wonderful cleanser in your daily beauty routine. It helps in eliminating all the dirt; grime and dust from the face and neck, making the skin feel clean and pure. 

10. Add It To Face Packs

Rose water has amazing soothing and hydrating properties and also has the ability to freshen up tired skin. It is therefore an ingredient in most face packs. 

11. Get Red Lips Naturally

When mixed with beetroot juice, rose water acts as a natural lip-coloring agent. Use this lip pack everyday for naturally red lips. 

12. Use It To Set Make-Up

After you have applied your make-up, use a couple of light sprays of rose water all over your face to set the make-up. It will also leave your skin glowing and shining. 

13. Use It As a Hair Conditioner

If you have dull frizzy hair, use rose water as the final rinse after shampooing. The conditioning effect of rose water can match no other and will leave your hair smelling fragrant the entire day too. 

Rose water is one of the best natural cosmetic or beauty potions you can stock in your cabinet. Use it in multiple ways as mentioned above and enjoy the skin-enhancing benefits offered by it. Not only is it a completely organic skin care specialist, it also makes you look and feel more fresh than ever before!

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