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Our feet do a lot of work, and they don’t ask for a lot in return. Maybe just a relaxing foot massage once in a while is enough. Not only does it relieve the pain after a long day of standing and walking around, it instantly uplifts the mood and acts as a relaxation technique. But did you know that there are plenty more benefits to getting a foot massage using Organic Foot Cream  regularly? That’s right; here are 8 wonderful reasons why you should get a foot massage more often.

1. Improved Blood Circulation

Most of us have a sedentary lifestyle where we are parked in a chair in front of the computer for a large part of the day. This position is not ideal for complete blood circulation and muscles can become rigid due to it. Wearing tight fitting shoes can also impair the circulation and lead to cramps or other more severe problems. Massaging the feet daily before bed can greatly help to improve the blood circulation in the body. People suffering from diabetes also tend to have pain in the feet due to lowered circulation and it helps alleviate the discomfort.


2. Reduced Swelling During Pregnancy

In the last few months of pregnancy, women often complain of pain in the feet and ankles due to swelling. This swelling is very common during the gestation period due to the fluid retention in the lower extremities. A daily massage can release the fluid build-up and help to ease the ache caused by the swelling.

3. Treats Structural Problems Of Feet

Many people suffer from flat feet where the natural arch on the underside of the foot is missing. This happens due to lack of support from the ligament and can lead to a lot of pain even after very mild activity. Another common problem is ‘plantar fasciitis’ which occurs due to the deterioration of the tissue that supports the arch of the foot. A regular foot massage greatly helps reduce the pain caused by these conditions. Undergoing a deep foot massage regularly and with expert techniques can sometimes also help to cure these conditions.

4. Lowering Blood Pressure

The stress of daily life has made high blood pressure a very common thing in today’s time. Whether it is genetic or caused due to environmental reasons, high blood pressure can prove to be very risky if not dealt with in a timely manner. Research has shown that a ten minute foot massage every day results in instant improvement in mood, and lowered anxiety levels which thus combat the problem of high blood pressure. Finally an excuse to pamper yourself everyday!

5. Relieves Headaches And Migraine Problems

Our feet are home to many acupressure points which are connected to various muscles and organs of the body. Foot reflexology is a common practice which focuses on these pressure points to relieve stress or pain in other parts of the system. One of the things that foot reflexology can treat is headaches and migraines. Regular foot massages can treat the symptoms of migraine and offer great relief.

6. Prevents Injury To Feet And Ankles

When combined with leg exercises, massages can help to strengthen the feet and ankles, thus reducing the risk of injury during any strenuous activity or sport. Regular massage sessions, three to five times a week, along with stretching and a few simple work out techniques increase the flexibility of the ankles which can prevent injury. Besides strengthening, massages can also reduce joint pain and help in treatment after an accident or injury. The massaging movements reduce muscle soreness and speed up the recovery process.

7. Alleviates Symptoms Of PMS And Menopause

The menstruation cycle brings along with it large doses of PMS which can include a variety of problems from anxiety, irritability, mood swings, pain in the back and legs, fatigue, headaches, insomnia… (The list can go on and on). But a good foot massage can soothe the nerves and help alleviate these symptoms. Even women going through menopause can benefit by getting regular foot massages which can reduce the occurrence of hot flashes and even combat depression.

Just a 10 to 20 minute session with your favourite foot cream can give you a lot of physical, emotional and mental relief. Whether you ask a professional or your significant other to pamper you, you are going to come out smiling after a foot massage. Do this a few times a week, and you will feel all your problems melting away.

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