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Your body does not always demand a gentle approach to personal grooming. There are times when you need to apply a little vigorous action to buff up certain parts of your body to remove conditions like cracked heels, dry regions, flaky skin, and so on.

However, with the sheer number of chemical-based products on the market, half of which will not agree with your body and show rashes or irritations, you need to be safe and save costs as well by shifting to organic options, in this case DIY Organic Scrubs.

Such DIY organic body scrubs are an excellent means of skin exfoliation. You do not just give yourself a pleasant smelling silken feel but also grant your skin the chance to absorb minerals and vitamins. Like how coffee (how to make a coffee scrub; detailed below) can help reduce cellulite production for a few hours or grapefruit’s (how to make a grapefruit scrub; detailed below) ability to smooth out wrinkles. Combined with sugar granules (how to mix a sugar scrub; detailed as part of the recipes below), you have yourself a means to an organic end.

Taking things up a notch from exfoliation here are 2 amazing homemade scrub recipes that will transform your whole outlook on organic scrubs made at home. As long as they can be stored in a pantry or fridge you can enjoy long lasting scrubs that you pluck out, use, and store for tomorrow.

  1. Grapefruit + Avocado Oil + Sugar

Known for its ability to counter free radicals, we cannot make this recipe list without highlighting the power of grapefruits to render your skin beautiful. Not only does it do an excellent job at equalizing your skin tone grapefruits have also proven to remove blemishes and wrinkles in good measure.

In case you are sat there wondering ‘but avocado oil might block my pores?’ The mild version does not. Here are your ingredients...

Take the half-sliced grapefruit and use a juicer to extract all the pulpy goodness it has to offer. The sugar, meanwhile, is resting in a bowl and awaiting the grapefruit juice. Pour it in, do not mix yet.

Drip in some avocado oil and start the mixing process. Use a utensil and your own mixing power not a blender’s. You want the roughness of sugar with the thick pulpy grapefruit and avocado combo. Your skin needs them as they are.

Stirring should be done in a particular fashion. The more you stir the more you encourage the sugar to dissolve; this is not what you want. Keep the granules intact by performing a folding motion as you mix the ingredients.

Take a charming container, pack this nice fresh organic scrub in there, and give it a go when you are ready for a hot bath.

  1. Coffee + Coconut Butter + Sugar

When you think antioxidants, you cannot exclude coffee. Simply smelling coffee has shown, in research studies, to awaken genes in your body. So it comes as no surprise that coffee has the power to invigorate your senses.

Aside from that, it has also shown to lighten and brighten skin while reducing cellulite levels. In tandem with coconut oil (one of the most moisturizing natural ingredients about) and the rough granules of natural sugar, you have yourself a scrub that can work ten waystill Sunday. Here are the ingredients:

  • 1 cup coconut oil; the cream/butter version not the pure oil one
  • ½ cup ground coffee
  • ½ cup sugar

Coffee and sugar are the main scrub partners. Held together with the natural goodness brought by creamy coconut oil, you need to use your own hands to mix it all up. The idea is to use your hands’ warmth to melt and mash the coconut cream into the coffee-sugar combo.

Once you have had fun doing this, get that hot bath up and running. You have some magic-scrubbing to do.


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