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You must be wondering why you need a special eye cream when you already have a moisturiser for your face. The skin around your eyes is more delicate than the rest of your face. This is why the area around the eyes is highly prone to problems like darkening, crow’s feet, wrinkles, sagging and puffiness. And if you don’t take special care, then these problems are going add years to your face and affect your appearance. And hence this delicate skin needs a little extra attention and care and needs to be treated more sensitively. To keep the problems at bay, you need to invest  in a high quality Organic Eye Cream or Gel and add it to your daily skin regimen to start seeing results.

Importance Of Eye Care Creams

In your twenties, your skin’s prime teenage years are behind you and it starts undergoing changes. Stress, pollution, exposure to chemical products and the sun start taking a toll on the skin. By your late twenties, the skin starts to degenerate and age. So you need to maintain a specific skin care routine which gives special focus to eye care as well.

One of the most common causes for under eye skin problems is the lack of hydration. There are minimal oil glands present around the eyes and excessive washing or exposure to foreign elements can easily strip off the necessary moisture. Eye creams not only give you an intensive hydration therapy, but they also contain anti ageing elements which maintain the tightness and youthful appearance of the skin. The nourishing properties of the products also even out the skin tone, combating under eye darkness and help maintain a consistent complexion.


How To Choose Eye Creams

Eye creams cater to a lot of different purposes and may consist of different ingredients based on the usage. First identify your problem and then choose an eye cream accordingly.

  1. Puffiness Or Bags Under The Eyes

Fluid from sinuses or allergies can build up in the tissues around the eyes and cause swelling to appear. While health problems is a common cause, lack of sleep, poor dietary habits, consumption of alcohol etc can also lead to puffiness under the eyes. What you need is a soothing agent to treat this problem. Pick an eye cream with cooling elements like cucumber or vitalising ingredients like caffeine.

  1. Fine Lines And Wrinkles

As you grow older, the thin skin around the eyes becomes more and more delicate and shows signs of ageing faster than the rest of the face. This process combined with the constant use of the muscles for blinking and even smiling put a strain on the skin leading to the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. To combat this problem, you need to pick an eye cream designed for anti-ageing treatment which contains retinol. This boosts the development of collagen and smoothens out the lines while also maintaining the health of the skin.


  1. Dark Circles

There are many causes for skin darkening around the eyes such as stress, smoking, exposure to the sun, sleep deprivation, pigmentation, bad diet etc.  Sometimes it can also be hereditary. Pick an eye cream which is rich in vitamin C and K and also contains liquorice extracts which can treat the discolouration. Citric extracts also help to lighten the skin and make it look brighter instantly.

Make it a point to use eye cream at least twice a day for good results. You can even apply a thin coat below your makeup to ensure that the treatment continues all day long. Opt for organic eye creams which contain all natural ingredients so that you do not have any allergic reactions on the sensitive skin around the eyes. If you follow the regimen and are consistent with your use of eye creams, you will soon be sleeping soundly at night with no worry of under eye problems any more.

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