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The practice of ‘Abyanga’ is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy that involves anointing yourself with enriching oil from head to toe as act of nurturing and caring for your body. A good oil massage can help create a deep balance in the body and can lead to physical and mental well being to improve the quality of life.

This ancient technique is used to detoxify the body while also stimulating the muscles and organs for better functioning. But before you start this enticing indulgence, you need to find yourself a good therapist who can administer the massage with the correct techniques and also invest in a High Quality Massage Oil based  on your personal preference.

Besides being immensely relaxing, a deep tissue oil massage has tons of benefits to improve your life tenfold. Right from improving blood circulation to helping build your immunity it can do a lot of good for the balance of body and mind.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits of regularly treating your body to a rejuvenating oil massage.


  1. Body Strengthening And Toning

Ayurvedic massage involves applying pressure on certain points of the body and rubbing the muscles to stretch them out and relax them. With the focused pressure and the massaging action, the muscles become toned over time and even improve in function. Conducting a massage regularly will also help you see reduced flab over an extended period. Many athletes undergo regular massage treatments to keep up the strength and tone of their muscles.

  1. Mood Lifter

Our body has over 30 pressure points at the surface which are directly linked to various organs. Applying pressure at these points helps to activate the sensors and communicate directly with the organ to address any problem. For example massaging the corner of your wrist directly under the little finger relieves fear, anxiety and nervousness, while rubbing the centre of the breastbone helps fight depression, sadness and hysteria. There are many such pressure points which help to instantly improve your mood and relieve stress after a massage.

  1. Skin Cleansing

Our daily commute and routine exposes us to a lot of pollution and dust. This gets settled on the skin and begins to permeate to lower levels thus compromising the appearance and also diminishing the quality. A vigorous massage with oil helps clear off this build up of dirt and contamination particularly on the elbows, knees, neck and behind the ears. It thoroughly cleanses the skin and also removes the dead skin reducing the tan on the body to show off healthy and bright skin.

  1. Healthy Gut Maintenance

A traditional oil massage also focuses on the stomach and abdomen. The movements focus on the large intestine, liver, spleen and also the navel. This continuous motion helps to relieve the build up of gas and also applies pressure on the organs to ensure proper functioning of the liver and spleen and appropriate excretion of the necessary digestive juices.

  1. Improved Blood Circulation

A good massage involves vigorous rubbing strokes on the body as well as twists and movements of certain parts. It is done to increase the heat in the body so that the nerves and blood vessels are stimulated. This helps to get the blood pumping effectively and improves the blood circulation. It benefits the overall health of all the organs of the body and ensures good heart health. It also helps to improve the skin and make it look brighter and firmer and can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Overall a massage allows the oil to seep deep into the skin and combat the problems and toxins at the root, making you feel healthier and refreshed. A single massage session will leave your body nourished and also lift up your mind and spirit for the next few days. Following a regular massage schedule will keep you feeling happy, healthy and positive all through life.

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