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You can determine the health of a person by looking at their hair, skin, and nails. Bad diet can lead to breakage or tearing in elastin, collagen, and keratin that make up the above three. From brittle hair and nails to dull skin and an overall dim look, you cannot afford to go wrong with hair, skin, and nails. These are the first to show signs of health increase or decline.

Fortunately, there are 3 amazing natural foods that can work miracles for your health, directly influencing skin, nails, and hair. There are certainly other foods out there that make an equivalent impact but some do better than others.

  1. Leafy Greens

We wanted to start off with a cliché but one that has proven to work time and again.

  • Leafy green veggies contain the ultimate vitamin collection: A, B, C, E, and K, including the vaunted Iron.
  • Aside from this you will find that veggies like watercress, spinach, kale, broccoli, and collards get you magnesium, calcium, and potassium as well.
  • Special mention should be made for Spirulina: a dark green seaweed rich in protein, vitamin B12, biotin, and iron.
  • Being naturally infused with goodly quantities of water, these leafy marvels provide an alkaline environment to your system, meaning no more toxins or dehydration of any kind.


Go for whole leafy greens never the processed variety. Organic green powders are also good choices. See our range of products in this regard here. Soon, your skin, hair, and nails are certain to look the way nature intended.

  1. Oats

In case you and glutinous grains do not get along, you still have gluten-free oats to make your day. This inexpensive power-food is essentially whole grain (the family: barley, wild rice, brown rice, black rice, quinoa, wheat products, rye, and of course oats).

  • The specific nutrients in oats work magic on your skin, hair, and nails (stronger nails, for sure). One average-sized bowl of oats empties B vitamins, biotin, protein, potassium, magnesium, and goodies that bring anti-inflammatory properties into your system.
  • Not only that, oats also contains antioxidants and fiber. Talk about glowing skin.
  • They reduce stress, lower inflammation levels, nurture clearer skin, and infuse your cells with all the nutrition they need. Imagine how all this can and will impact your hair, skin, and nails.

Quick Super-Tip: Soak your oats in a jar overnight with a thick quantity of coconut yogurt on top. Your breakfast just got healthier and gorgeous. You will see the results show in several months’ time with regular intake.

  1. Raw Organic Almonds

Aside from being rich in Vitamin E, almonds pack outstanding amounts of natural antioxidants that promote collagen production and impart anti-inflammatory advantages to your body. All of this reflects on how your skin, hair, and nails are going to look over time.

  • Containing large quantities of plant-based protein, raw organic almonds are filled with amino acids that boost body strength.
  • You will also find goodly reserves of calcium in this power-food, meaning better bones, skin, teeth, hair, and nails.
  • The reason you are being asked to take it raw is due to almonds’ alkaline-forming properties when taken this way. Cashews and peanuts (both legumes) are more acidic in this regard, ruling them out.
  • From promoting healthy pH levels to enhancing detoxification in your system, the previously mentioned property is responsible for preventing acidity, inflammation, and overall low health.
  • Let’s not forget the B vitamin Biotin that raw organic almonds also contain. This is the organic source for nail and hair strength. Most skin, nails, and hair vitamins contain biotin.

 Important Notes: It is best to choose raw organic almond or butter of the same type, with no added salt. Roasted almonds only increase acidity levels in your body, which are not great for your hair, skin, and nails. Additionally, raw veggies and nuts are filled with enzymes that help with nutrient digestion and absorption.


For more healthy options, head over here.


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