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Facial skin, being a very sensitive part of the body, needs to be taken care of in the right manner. Skin care regime must be followed day and night to ensure a healthy and glowing skin. Off late, skin care products have been bifurcated as to the when they can be used. Night creams have been developed which are specifically to be used at night on the face so that the skin can be taken care of in the right manner. Most of us would ask why separate night creams when we use creams that are rich enough in antioxidants and other products that keep the skin nourished all day long. Well, there are reasons why night creams need to be used.

It is believed that during the day, the skin is in a protective mode. It fights against pollution, ultraviolet rays and other environmental aggressors that damage the skin. Thus the day creams that are used contain ingredients like antioxidants, peptides and also have high sun protection content so that the skin can be protected from vital damage. At night, the skin turns into a rest and repair mode. Night creams contain contents like vitamins and ceramides that support skin regeneration, collagen production and help the skin to function in an optimal manner.

Ingredients of night creams

Night creams typically contain the following ingredients that keep the skin nourished and healthy.

  1. Vitamins A,C, E are essential vitamins that fight lines and wrinkles.
  2. Jojoba oil is a natural moisturizer and also gives acne free skin.
  3. Olive oilsoothes,smoothes and nourishes the skin. It also regenerates the skin cells giving the skin a healthy look.
  4. Apricot oil is a rich source of vitamin E and helps fight skin diseases.
  5. Rose oil has astringent properties that tone and lift the skin giving it a better appearance.
  6. Aloe Vera has anti- bacterial properties and is a natural moisturizer that suits all skin types. It gives the skin a natural glow.
  7. Peptides are a chain of amino acids that tighten the skin and retain its elasticity. These are also helpful in getting rid of dark spots and pigmentation.
  8. Retinol helps to renew the skin cells and also helps to get rid of skin problems and disorders.
  9. Copper has skin rejuvenation properties and is an essential ingredient of night creams.
  10. AHAs or alpha hydroxy acids break the bonds that hold dead skin cells together thus helping the skin to get a fresh and new look.
  11. Shea Butter is skin superfood. It has skin healing, moisturizing and regeneration properties that prevent the skin from skin diseases and other disorders.
  12. Honey is an antioxidant and has anti - bacterial properties that help to fight wrinkles, acne and keep other skin infections away.
  13. Jasmine keeps the dry skin hydrated and gives the skin a glow.
  14. Amino acids supply the required nutrients to keep the skin nourished and refresh it.
  15. Antioxidants prevent the skin from ageing and developing other disorders as it fights the free radicals that are harmful for the skin.
  16. Anti- ageing components fight premature ageing and help to keep problems like wrinkles and fine lines from developing giving the skin a new and fresh look all the time.
  17. Collagen is essential to maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Benefits of using night creams

Night creams offer the following advantages

  1. Night creams keep the dry parts of the face hydrated and thus the face always looks fresh.
  2. Night creams sooth the facial skin.
  3. These help in giving a smooth skin texture and also an even complexion.
  4. Night creams help in better blood circulation.
  5. These creams ensure collagen generation in the body.
  6. Night creams reduce wrinkles.
  7. Night creams prevent the skin from sagging.
  8. These creams ensure that the skin looks and feels softer and suppler.
  9. These ensure that the skin maintains its elasticity.
  10. The use of night creams prevents premature ageing.
  11. Night creams renew cells and nourish the skin.


When using night creams, it is essential to choose a cream that matches the skin type. Night creams are available for different skin types and must be applied at least half an hour before going to bed so that these can function in the required manner.


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