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If you are a man who is particular about his grooming routines (and you should be) and shaves every day (or maybe just trims) you must have definitely felt the tingling sensation after using aftershave at least one time. But if you don’t use the product regularly, here are a few reasons why you should reconsider making it a part of your daily routine. Overall, Ayurvedic Aftershave helps you feel clean and neat, but the benefits go far beyond that too.

Making aftershave a part of your daily morning routine may prickle for a few seconds, but will also give you plenty of reasons to smile after.

  1. Healing Properties

Often while shaving you nick yourself and are left with a burning sensation on your skin due to the action of the razor. Using aftershave helps relieve this pain and heal the skin. The cooling effect of the products diminishes the redness on the skin which usually appears after a shave and soothes the skin with its healing agents. The astringent properties present in aftershave also help to stop the bleeding in case you cut yourself with the razor when shaving in a hurry. Just a few dabs of aftershave on the skin will give you instant relief from burns and cuts.

  1. Hygiene And Acne Healing

Aftershave has astringent properties and usually consists of antibacterial ingredients. These antibacterial agents go deep into the pores and flush out the bacteria and toxins hidden underneath. Regular shaving can also cause the hair follicle to become an in-growth and cause an inflammation of the skin. The antiseptic properties of the aftershave help to soothe this and clear out the skin preventing any infections from occurring. The astringent in the aftershave also cleans out the skin and clogged pores helping treat and reduce the appearance of acne.


  1. Restorative Skin Care

The cleaning action of aftershave not only removes bacteria from inside the pores, but is also cleans of the dust and dead skin at the surface which can make your skin look dull and lifeless. Using aftershave helps to keep the pores from getting blocked with dirt and dust and prevents build up of bacteria. This further helps combat the appearance of dark spots and keeps your skin looking bright and healthy.

  1. Improved Appearance

Aftershave can go a long way to improve your appearance. It makes you look neat and well groomed and the fragrance keeps you feeling fresh for a long time. Regular use of aftershave also makes your skin softer and keeps it looking youthful. It increases the smoothness and firmness of the skin which further contributes to an overall improved appearance. Overall it helps a man look incredibly polished and goes a long way in adding a few brownie points to the ‘well-groomed’ department.

  1. Amplified Confidence

Now this is not a direct benefit to your skin from the use of after shave, but after dabbing some on, you can instantly feel your confidence soar. When you know you look good and smell good, you are bound to feel good. The refreshing feeling and the crisp smell help keep the spirits up and keep you feeling good about yourself. The scent is designed in a manner to relieve anxiety and keep you feeling active and energetic.

Overall, using aftershave helps to clean, tighten and refresh the skin to keep you looking your best all throughout the day. It will keep you feeling fresh while also healing your skin to minimize any damage. All you need is a few drops of this magic potion and you have 5 instant benefits that will help you look and feel good. And remember, you don't have to be vain or self-conscious for using aftershave; as we've described above, the uses of aftershave go beyond looking or smelling good. It has genuine hygienic value and also improves the health of your skin. So don't hesitate, just try it out once! 

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