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Hard as it may be to believe, newest trends in the skin care industry have proved that charcoal, yes dark sooty charcoal, can actually help to drastically improve your skin. Sounds incredible right? But it’s quite true. In fact it has become so popular that it is being added to a variety of skin care products like Activated Charcoal Face Packs  and is being welcomed by an eager audience.

As surprising as it may seem, activated charcoal in small quantities does in fact have a lot of beauty benefits and can do wonders for your skin. We've consolidated a few such cosmetic advantages in the list below:-

  1. Purifies Impurities

When applied on the skin activated charcoal has a tendency to draw impurities from deep within and bring them to the surface. It seeps through the pores and reaches deep into the layers of the skin. Here it reacts with the toxins, dirt and other impurities and draws them out. This helps to clarify the skin and cleanse it from inside. Due to this clarifying action you can actually notice your skin glowing and becoming brighter and can visibly notice the reduction of blackheads on the skin.

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  1. Reduces Acne And Improves Skin Tone

Charcoal has immense cleaning power and acts like a magnet to draw out the bad effects on the skin. It also helps to treat imperfections and marks like acne by working on it from the very source under the skin. As a result you can start noticing reduced acne and smoother skin. When your marks begin to clear up, you will be left with a beautiful and even skin tone.

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  1. Heals Pimples And Breakouts

The primary cause of pimples is some form of dirt which has settled in your pores and is getting trapped with the excessive oil production of the skin. This causes a part of the skin to react to the contamination and become inflamed causing a pimple to appear. The application of activated charcoal removes the foreign particle and clears up the oil thus helping to heal the pimple. Regular application can also help reduce the deposition of dirt under the skin and can lessen the occurrence of pimples.

Activated charcoal cannot be directly applied to the skin because it can have a strong reaction. Instead mixing it with other skin care ingredients can give you an excellent treatment option for a variety of skin troubles as mentioned.

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How To Use Activated Charcoal Face Packs

Activated charcoal mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil and sea salt is an excellent exfoliating agent. You can use it as a scrub or a face wash to cleanse your skin and leave it looking and feeling smoother, softer and a lot cleaner

It can also be mixed with citric agent such as lemon or orange extracts and used as a face pack for oily or blemished skin. Regular use can combat the excessive oil production and even out the skin tone. Using it on a long-term weekly basis will balance the moisture levels in the skin and leave it free of blemishes and more radiant looking.

It is sometimes also mixed with fragrance-adding agents to make purifying soap which can be used on a daily basis.


Activated charcoal is slowly but steadily finding its place in the skin care market. Now available for use in a variety of forms plenty of people are raving about the benefits of this unusual ingredient. From celebrities, to dermatologists to beauty experts, everyone seems to have a lot of good things to say about activated charcoal. With such a huge variety of products to choose from, everyone seems to have their personal favourites. So now that you’ve read about that benefits, what do you think? Still on the fence about it? Well like they say, don’t knock it before you try it!

To know more about the use of activated charcoal in skin care products and to give it a shot, click here


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