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Waking up fresh in the morning is the best feeling to kick start your day. Just the way people follow a morning ritual by hydrating their body and skin, it is equally important to follow a night routine that includes the application of a night cream to the facial skin that is subjected to a lot of damage, pollution and external stressors all day. A habit that takes just two minutes before retiring to bed is important for reasons more than one:

  1. Overnight regeneration: The phrase ‘sleep on it’ is literally true here. The cells repair and regenerate overnight. When a night cream is applied, it works in conjunction with the natural regeneration process, owing to the ingredients it is composed of, and keeps the skin soft and supple when you wake up in the morning.


  1. Rich in micronutrients and oils: All the essential micronutrients that are present in the night cream aid in providing a perfect blend of required dosages to the facial skin. Night creams generally contain most or all of these: vitamins A, C, E, oils like olive, jojoba, amino acids, antioxidants, Shea butter, Aloe Vera, collagen and many more.

  1. Keeps the skin young: The application of night cream should be done in a particular way. Circular upward movements and gentle massages work the best and help the skin in improved blood circulation. It also provides the necessary hydration to dry skin and results in better glow, softness and healthy pinkness of the skin. The skin thus ends up looking fresh and young as ever.


  1. Anti-ageing and moisturizing properties: Depending on the type of night cream chosen, it either has anti-ageing properties or extra moisturizing feature. Either way, it works overnight and provides the right amount of moisture and help the skin needs. Purchasing one depending on your skin type is very important.


  1. Addresses skin issues: Small issues of the skin like wrinkles, ageing, losing firmness, loss of elasticity etc. are taken care of by the night cream. It not only improves blood circulation, but boosts collagen, keeps the skin firm and addresses texture, elasticity and discolouration issues. There is no better feeling than waking up to a fresh and healthy looking skin and a night cream does just that.

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