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We all desire to have healthy and beautiful hair as hair directly reflects to our personality. Even we do a lot of things for them. Here we are going to discuss few of natural tips and things that can make hair well nourished and healthier. In order to gain attractive hair people spend large amount of money on costly inorganic shampoos or hair cares. Instead of using these threatening hair care products, try to go for the natural remedies and organic products. It is a better option and this will also nourish your hair well. We have mentioned few effective tips and organic-natural products that will help you great in making your hair healthier.


While washing your hair-

  • Do not use hot water to wash your hair.
  • Use organic and appropriate shampoo with certified quality.
  • Apply the shampoo to your scalp only and massage carefully in a circular motion.
  • Use conditioner after drying your hair with a towel.


While colouring your hair-

  • If you love to colour your hair, use proper natural colour for them.
  • Colouring makes your hair look attractive and the natural colour give a nutritional support to hair.
  • Use eggs or curd to make colour long lasting.

Along with this we have mentioned some products that will be beneficial for hair-

Egg- Application of eggs to hair makes them healthier and stronger. It works like a natural conditioner for hair and is best to use once in a month as it gives a shiny texture to hair also it works great in reducing hairfall.

Curd- curd is having a unique quality and is highly recommended for hair. It gives a great shine to hair and nourishes the scalp well. Using this once in a week is a perfect hair treatment for in order to make them healthy and beautiful.

Honey- It works great in hair fall and reduces dandruff amazingly. Honey is known for its healing properties and is great for dry-damaged hair. It helps much in clearing up infections and provides extra strength to hair. Take ¼ honey in a regular cup and add fresh water to it. Also you can add apple cider vinegar to this for better results.

Bhringraj- Bhringraj is a medicinal plant and has been used from ancient times for hair care. It comes in many forms like powder and oil. Though it smells strong but massaging regularly with the oil revitalizes the follicles of hair and also improves the blood circulation in scalp. This works well in improving the hair growth along with allowing you to sleep well.

Fenugreek (Methi)- Here in India it is generally known as methi it contains many beneficial properties. Though this is one of the food items used in every kitchen, still this works well for making your hair healthy, soft and thicker. Also it works as a natural conditioner and makes the hair look beautiful and attractive.

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