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Skin is a vital part of your body. Whether you are concerned about your face or hands and legs, the only way to get the shine is eating healthy. Having a healthy diet consists of including natural food items. Fruits, vegetables and water are the key to success to glowing soft skin. Your skin is a picture of your liver and other digestive organs. The better the digestion that takes place in your body, the better will be your skin. If you have undigested food in your body and the body is filled with toxins then you are bound to have dull skin with pimples, acne and rashes. Therefore, to get shiny baby skin, have a good healthy diet.

Here are some suggestions which are beneficial to get glowing soft skin through including some important fruits in your diet:

  • Amla/Indian Gooseberry

Amla is stuffed with Vitamin A. It increases collage production giving skin a healthy glow. The best way to include amla is on an empty stomach. Amla juice helps the body produce collagen making the skin glow and tight.

  • Apple – An apple a day definitely gives you an inner radiance. Vitamin A makes the skin firm and helps it shine. It also controls free radicles which prevent skin ageing. Apart from eating an apple a day, you can also apply apple juice and wash it off after keeping it for sometime.
  • Beetroot - High in anti-oxidants, beetroot gives you an amazing skin. Beetroot has special anti-oxidants like anthocyanins which prevent signs of ageing. If you want beet like pink cheeks, beetroot is a must. Beetroot can be eaten as a salad. You can rub beetroot on your lips if you do not have a pink lipstick!

  • Carrot – Contains beta carotene. Beta carotene is transferred in the body as Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a must for skin. It fights signs of premature ageing, improves skin quality and gives a glowing soft skin. Carrot salad or carrot juice with its fibre is a great way to include carrot in your diet.
  • Lemons - For the synthesis of collagen, lemons are required. Lemon juice is necessary for having a great glowing soft skin. Lemons act as a bleaching agent too. They are great on acne and rashes.

Along with a healthy diet, drinking 3-4 litres of water daily is also a must. Insufficient water in the body leads to dry flaky skin. Water in diet helps in washing down the toxins giving you a healthy glowing skin. Click here to know more on healthy skin.


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