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So here are a few little tips for all the men out there who have started an effort to make themselves look better. Taking proper care of the skin is what men usually pay the least attention to. For all those lazy fellows there, follow these simple routines to make yourselves look the best.

Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturize.

It’s not just for the ladies; it’s for you as well. So next time you hit the supermarket,pick up a mild soap/body wash, face wash and cleanser. If you don’t clean your skin regularly, it can cause excess oil formation that leads to those ugly pimples.


Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead cells and revealing new skin cells. Buy a scrub with those little beads that are appropriate for your skin and Use it few times a week and here you go, fresh new skin and soft facial hair to end up in efficient shaving.


Moisturising in an important procedure for men. As men shave frequently, the essential oil in the face gets removed. This tends to make the skin dry, So regularly apply a moisturizer on the slightly damp face to retain moisture on your skin.

The Ultimate Shaving Guide

  • Never shave against the grain. While shaving against the hair growth direction, not only do you get a closer shave but at the same time the blade chips the hidden hair follicles causing inflammation on the skin.
  • Take section by section of your face and shave one stroke Don’t shave over and over in just one area.
  • Lather up with water. Never shave Dry. It’ll hurt your skin. Your skin will be completely grateful if you get wet instead. Try to shave in the shower or immediately after one. Water makes the skin softer and supple making shaving really easy. Once you are wet, use a good shaving cream to soften the hair. Always leave the wet lathered up cream on for a minute or so before you start shaving.

It's better so, as aftershave is not good for sensitive skin. But most men would prefer to have that attractive scent offered by the cosmetic companies. So always pick an aftershave specifically labelled –“for sensitive skin.


It’s not just for women on whose skin the sun plays havoc. Men who apparently are said to spend more hours outdoors are usually negligent about the sun and its effects on them. So men should also apply an appropriate sunscreen before setting out.

So, Men, It’s not just for the women that you are supposed to look smart and handsome. So shave carefully, take care of your skin everyday and you’ll experience the miracles these changes can bring about in your body.

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