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Have you got that shiny, oily skin? Face covered with pimples and acne? Don’t worry.

You have an oily skin texture and let me tell you how to keep that problem at bay.

Cleansing Routine

  • Wash your face regularly with a mild soap at least 2-3 times a day.
  • When coming back from a whole day outdoors, make sure you wash your face and neck.
  • If you identify your whole body skin as being oily, bathe using a mild body wash to clear up the excess body oils.

Astringent & Toner Use

  • Dirt on the skin surface should first be removed using an astringent like calamine lotion.
  • Then Wash your face thoroughly using a face wash
  • After drying your face, use a Toner to close the pores.

Water Based Moisturizer

  • Applying a water-based moisturizer helps retain moisture of the skin and makes the skin healthy.


            That evil sun above you is one of your skin’s prominent enemies. It dries up the skin and causes the glands beneath the skin layer to secrete oil to add up to your already oily skin.

Choose appropriate sunscreen lotions which are water based and which do not cause the pores to clog and cause pimple formation.

What to Eat and What Not To?

  • What you eat always reflects on your skin. Decrease the consumption of fatty/fried dishes, high calorie/sweet food items. This might break the hearts of all those junk-food lovers out there, but all these heavy food items increase oil secretion and cause pimples to pop up on your lovely face.
  • And as always, fruits and vegetables are good for your skin. These can make your skin healthy and glowing.
  • Do you know what causes those ugly pimples? Toxins. Your face gets covered with dirt and grime that clogs up the skin pores, secreting excess oils. Detoxification can clear up your face magically. And what’s that magical substance?

Yes, it’s just water. Drink in plenty of water and fluids in the form of juices,etc. to keep your skin hydrated and cool.

  • Avoid or decrease the use of caffeinated beverages and carbonated drinks.

Drinking lemon juice with warm water and honey has amazing benefits on your skin. It’s said to cleanse the entire body system. Lemon here balances the excess oil content.

Fight-off Acne 

  • Use natural Acne-masks or other cleansing solutions to clear up that acne face.
  • Egg Whites and Clay masks are excellent methods to remove excess oil.

  • Orange Peel masks available or made at home can also be an excellent solution to clean up your face

A completely balanced routine with proper exercise, rest and sleep can naturally brighten up your pretty face. So take care of that unwanted oil on your face with these simple steps and bring out the confident young face in you.

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