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Our face needs special care because it is exposed more to dirt and pollution. Moreover, a man’s face needs special care because it is also exposed to the harshness of the shaving blade too. Hence, the face must have its conditioning in the form of face creams.

When face creams can be classified according to the utility that a consumer wants to derive out of the product or they can be segregated into herbal and non-herbal creams.

Face Creams according to derivable utility:

1) Fairness Cream:

These are fairness creams designed for the sole purpose to make men have a fairer look. Continuous application must be required to get the desired result quickly and effectively. Using green tea alongside of the face cream can have added advantage as green tea can help lower the peroxides in the body.

2) Anti-Ageing Cream:

Generally these creams are used after the age of 30. These creams provide younger look without undergoing any painful cosmetic surgery. Night application of these creams give the best results and provide overnight healing to the skin.

3) Sunscreen Cream:

Working in harsh conditions involving field work causes a toll on the face. It is very necessary for men to use sunscreen to protect their faces from UV rays of the Sun. There can variety of sun blocks like SPF 25 or SPF 15, so, one must choose carefully as to what one desires.

Face Creams according to Ingredients:

1) Organic Creams:

These are the creams that are made from naturally occurring sources. They have the key advantage that they have no side effect as they purely natural. The acceptance from the skin is also good which results in the effective working of the cream. There is also an organic shaving cream which can help smooth the facial hair in a natural way and ease in the process of shaving.

2) Inorganic Face Creams:

All organic elements cannot be mixed with each other naturally. In order to have better compatibility amongst various elements some chemicals are added to the cream. The chemicals used in these creams must be skin safe, but still one should also check for safety of the same.

So, it is indeed very necessary for men to also use the face creams, one should not shy away from doing so. Click here to browse for more skin care products for men that Joy By Nature has in store for you.


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