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We have often heard the phrase 'The only thing that is constant is change'. Not really though. Another thing that remains constant is your hair color (which changes only when you get really old). How boring does that sound? You change your wardrobe, the color of the walls in your house, your furniture and even your hairstyle. Then why fall short of experimenting with the color of your hair? Many people say that the natural hair color that you have is usually the one that suits you the best. However, coloring or dying your hair is temporary, and you might like it better than your natural hair!

For instance, the volume of your hair will look more if you color it with a lighter shade as compared to the natural color of your hair. If you are more daring, coloring your hair with exciting colors like red make you look like a sport! A variety of styles are also available in coloring like ombre and highlights. Also, the color is temporary so you may as well just snip it off after it grows if you don't like it. If you feel very confused regarding coloring your hair and the style, your hairdresser will guide you through the process and will help you choose the color and style.

  1. Organic Colors

If you feel that you do not want to damage your hair by the chemicals in a hair color, use one with natural ingredients. Organic hair colors might actually make your hair smoother and stronger. They nourish the hair, and ingredients like amla are no doubt extremely beneficial for your hair. 

  1. Hair Tinge 

There is a variety of ways you can color your hair. One product known as the 'Hair Tinge' is available in the market and it makes it an easier job to color your hair. 

  1. If you are reluctant on using hair color, you can use organic hair dyes. Hair dyes are common at homes. However, they contain chemicals which harm the scalp and the hair strands. Therefore it is very essential to use organic hair dyes, which use natural products in regulated amounts. 

On the other hand, we must not forget the drawbacks of coloring our hair. They may become brittle after a period of time. The hair might become dry and frizzy, if not taken care of regularly. There are certain health risks with coloring or dying your hair too.

Apart from these, the overall impact of coloring your hair will be surprising in a good way, both, for you and the ones close to you!

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