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Taking care of your eyes is as important as taking care of any other part of your body. But this is a fact that almost none of us follow. We look after every other part of the body but leave the eyes for themselves. This is wrong because your eyes are actually delicate organs that need constant pampering and love so that they look their best and work at their best also. Keeping a great pair of eyes is a combination of healthy eye care habits and proper eye emphasizing make up. So here are some tips to help your find the inner beauty of your eyes.

Take Care Of Your Eyes!!!

  • Rest: Your eyes need rest like any other part of your body. A break while working on the laptop or while watching TV. Regular deep sleep. All these help your eyes get a good amount of rest.
  • Strain: Avoid using your eyes too much in dimly lit areas as this can strain your eyes a lot. Have appropriate lighting at all times. While using laptops keep your eyes on level with the screen.

  • Food: Keep food like carrots, green veggies, shell fish, nuts and fruits as a regular in your diet because they contain essential vitamins ad minerals that are needed to keep your eyes functioning at 100% all the time.
  • Sunglasses: Always keep a pair of shades ready for any tip out into the sun and see to it that they are UV protective shades and not the normal ones which just screen out sunlight.
  • Doctor: Always have regular check-ups so that your spot anomalies at the earliest.

Some Eye Make Up Tips That Can Give You Sparkly Eyes:

  • If you want to use eyeliner then it is advisable that you use a make-up remover so that you have a grease free pair of eyes to work with.
  • Try drawing the line as close as possible to your eye lashes so that it feels like a natural part of your eye lashes.
  • To get that perfect look, keep your eyes open and look straight into the mirror at your eyes and go for it.
  • When you apply mascara start from the roots towards the tip and not vice versa so that your eyes get greater volume.
  • You can do multiple coats depending on how much volume you prefer as well as also checking if its getting clumpy or not.
  • The best way to apply an eye shadow would be to first have a base with an eye primer and then applying the shadow all over that.
  • If there is any excess eye shadow you could always use a blotting paper to wipe that off.
  • To give your eyes a brighter feel you could use a lighter eye shadow towards the inside of your eyes than the rest of the eyes.

By trying these simple tips in health and make up you could make your eyes stand out in the crowd as a thing of beauty. To view some of our eye care products visit.


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