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The spots are mainly caused due to sun exposure and usually start to become visible once people become 40. Age spots are not harmful to health in any way, so there is no medical treatment to avoid these spot. These spots can expose a person's age, for this reason, many men and women want to get rid of these spots for artistic reasons. So, anyone can remove these spots of age using a number of diverse methods like by using OTC, doctor prescribed products and by using home remedies, or by using expert skin treatments.

These age spots are also popularly known as liver spots which take place normally on the hands, shoulders, arms and other areas of the body which are most exposed to sunlight. It is confirmed that age spots become visible in adults over the age of 40 and these spots can affect anyone. These spots are mainly caused by over-exposure to the sun and another source of ultraviolet light. These age spots are often difficult to remove. There are many home remedies are present that can gently remove age spots without causing any damage to the skin.

Here are some natural and artificial solutions to get rid of these age spots.           

  • Aloe vera is mainly known as the best remedies to get rid of age spots. By using fresh aloe vera gel to the age spots once or twice, a day can remove the spots. Aloe gel has chemicals, which remove dead skin cells and help in the growth of new healthy cells. Aloe gel can lighten and remove age spots by using regularly.

  • By applying fresh lemon juice directly to the age spots twice a day regularly. Lemon juice has mild citric acid, which is strong enough to safely eradicate dead skin cells and expose fresh new layers of skin. This process can lighten the age spots as it can help to get rid of the darker layers of skin.
  • Use of hydroquinone is a very useful bleaching cream which can decrease the look of age spots. Hydroquinone is also contained 2% over-the-counter.

  • Use sunscreen can help to protect the skin from the exposure to the sun. Sunscreen can’t help to decrease the appearance of the existing age spots, but it can avoid new ones from forming due to the sun damage. The sunscreen will protect the skin from the sun becoming darker. A sunscreen with a zinc oxide base and an SPF of at least 15 is very helpful to use regularly.

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