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Skin is an imperative part of our body. Skin is vital and taking care of it is crucial. You can definitely go to the dermatologist for treatments but here are some remedies which we have brought forward for you.

Flawless skin is every person’s dream. Makeup can definitely cover up for the spots and patches but who does not desire to look great always and at all times without makeup. Pollution, lifestyle, ageing, hormones are a variety of reasons which lead to skin’s uneven colour and patches. Even prolonged stay in the sun causes tan which is also discoloration of the skin. There are various types of cosmetics which we buy these days, but only to your dismay, they do not work as expected.

To fight skin patches here are some home remedies-

  • Lemon- lemon has been effective in various ways. From weight loss to skin care, lemon has always topped the list. Lemon is a great bleach. Vitamin C helps in fighting marks and patches on the skin.

How to use lemon on skin-

Squeeze it on a cotton ball and put in on the affected areas

Directly rub on the patches

Make a mixture with turmeric powder

Always leave the lemon juice, for the skin to absorb. Do not go to direct sunlight while you have applied it, as it might have a negative impact.

  • Milk for skin patches - Get spotless milk skin with milk. Milk has lactic acid, which helps in brightening the skin. Wash you face with milk or dip a cotton ball in the milk to put it on your face. Leave it for some time for the skin to absorb the milk.
  • Vitamin E Oil is also a great remedy to fight skin patches. Use vitamin E oil as a massage oil when you are giving your face a massage. While massage increases blood circulation, Vitamin E oil which is absorbed by the skin gives flawless face.

  • Honey- Apply warm honey on the skin. Allow it to be absorbed by the skin and wash it off. Use it four times a week for best results.

Along with face treatments, including a healthy diet in your routine can keep skin patches away. Skin health is a sign of liver health. Keep the liver healthy with good food to have a glowing happy skin.

Natural home remedies do take time, for organic anti marks cream which fight skin patches click here.


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