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Beauty is not in face; beauty is a light in heart. Beauty can directly be associated with the happiness of our soul. If our soul is happy beauty has its different aura. Happiness can only be reflected through your face and that is why your face should be given more care. It is not always necessary to spend a lot of time and large amount of money to have a glowing and hydrated skin. What all it takes is; little natural care and some natural and organic skin care products to wake up your face and skin.

Anyone of us can have flawless beauty like celebrities; there are few basic steps that need to be followed. You can be rewarded with your dream skin by following these golden tips in a right manner. These basic steps are;

Cleansing: Our face gets exposed to dirt and pollution throughout the day.  So cleansing is the first and crucial step to remove dirt and other harmful particles from our skin. Cleansing is important to get rid of oil, dirt and makeup from our skin. It also moisturise our skin on primary level. Always use a gentle and mild makeup remover before going to bed to remove makeup from your skin. Then, use a gentle natural cleanser and massage with it in circular motions to clean your skin. It improves blood flow and clean away left over makeup from the skin. Makes it clean and glow naturally.



Exfoliating: If you want to have good-looking skin, you need to keep it clean and away from the impurities. Regular exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells, keep pores clean and boost blood circulation, which will give your skin a healthy, radiant and more youthful glow. Exfoliation also helps to penetrate your moisturizer and skin care treatments in a better way. When it comes to exfoliation, we have got various choices. There are so many natural and organic scrubs available in market which helps you to have luminous and smooth skin.



Toning:  The basic function of toner is to remove any residue left behind after scrubbing. It also tightens the pores and helps in evening out skin tone. Toner cools and calms down the face and freshen it up. It also dismisses any leftover trance of makeup and dirt. Natural toner ensures that you don’t have any single trance of pore blocking makeup on your face. Toner should be used daily before you go to sleep; it helps skin to feel fresh and free.

Moisturising: After toning your face, you may feel stretchy or extra tightness on your face, which mean, it is lacking in moisture. Our skin rejuvenates and repairs itself at night, when we sleep. You can help your skin to fix itself faster and regain its elasticity and glow again by moisturizing it!  Natural Moisturiser is like food for dry skin. People with dry skin should always use a good moisturizer made up for their skin type, whereas those with combination and oily skin can go with natural water-based moisturiser. And if you are blessed with normal skin, then you can use either a heavy moisturizer or water based one!



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