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According to Betty Larsha, an instructor and director of international school of skin & nail care in Atlanta, “the hands get so much abuse. They’re in the weather, the water. If you’re using computer a lot at work, you’re using your hands, or if you are on your feet a lot, you need to take care of your feet.” 

If we talk about hand care then how many of you do actually take care of your hands? We spend plenty of money on skin and beauty care products only for face, hair, and teeth, but what about our hands? Though they are the constant part of our work and even in conversation we use them the most yet they are the most neglected part of our body. Our hands predict a lot about us and our personality. They actually reveal the fact that how much importance we give to ourselves. The hands unveil the signs of neglect and ageing sooner than any other part of our body.

Hand creams and moisturizers play an important role. They help to protect skin and make our hands appear more soft, supple and beautiful. Some of the hands cream benefits are-

Pampers –Hands are the tools that are active whole day long so they require more of your attention. Using hands cream not only soften your hands but also make them appear more alive and beautiful. A hand cream contains natural moisturizing properties which heal daily damages and provide them relaxation too. Hands cream are generally differ from those used on body reason being hands require extra and different type of care. Applying hands cream which contains SPF are essential to pamper your hands. 

Protects from daily damages- Hands have more exposure to water and chemicals which are the main cause of damage.  Water dries skin a lot so entertaining house chores without putting on gloves is harmful & can make our hands dull, dry, cracked and painful. A good hand cream forms a protective layer on our skin and heals it from daily damages. Using hands cream daily before going to bed helps to restore the moisture level and make them look pretty beautiful in next morning.

Reduces signs of aging- Hands cream balances the moisture level of our hand by increasing elasticity. It really aids to reduce the early signs of aging. It is recommended to massage on your hands daily with natural hands cream. A hand cream not only nourishes our hand but also delay aging process. It helps to protect skin and prevent the formation of creases on your hands.

How to have soft hands?

  • Keep a small bottle of moisturizer or hand cream with you and moisturize your hands every time when you wash them.
  • Opt for the moisturizer, cream or lotion that contains vitamin B, Shea butter & retinol. These ingredients help to keep your hands soft and supple all day long.
  • Natural mineral oils aid to store water in the skin. Dimethicone & Glycerine in mineral oils aid to moisturize, whereas hyaluronic acid tries to hold on that moisture.
  • Natural essential oils such as avocado, olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil nourish skin from deep inside and keep them nourished and hydrated.

 Let’s pay some attention to our hands and allow them to enhance your beauty.

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