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Peeled skin around fingertips is common problem, particularly during winter months. This happens because the skin around fingertips is very delicate and sensitive. Therefore, it needs extra care and nourishment.There are a variety of factors responsible for this peeled skin; some of them include dry skin, eczema, sunburn, psoriasis, cold and dry weather, use of harsh chemicals and frequent washing of hands. Besides, fungal infections and vitamin deficiencies can also cause this problem.Although a peeled skin is a temporary condition, it can cause a lot of embarrassment in public. In a few cases, they become painful and infectious too.There are myriad remedies, which can help in curing peeled skin naturally. Take a look at a few of them and then follow them for soft and beautiful hands.
  1. Cucumber

Cucumber is an excellent remedy for peeled fingertips. This is because cucumber ensures that your skin remains fresh, nourished and smooth.Just peel a cucumber and cut it into thick slices. Then rub these slices gently on the affected fingertip so that its juice gets absorbed deep inside your skin.Besides, try another remedy by grated a small piece of cucumber. Now squeeze out the juice from this grated portion. Dab some of this juice on your fingertips and let it sit for half an hour. Later wash off with lukewarm water. Follow this remedy daily for best results.

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  1. Oats

Oats is another superb kitchen ingredient effective in healing peeled fingertips. This amazing cure exfoliates dead skin and thus, makes your fingers soft and smooth.All you need to do is take a handful of powdered oats and some them in a large bowl of lukewarm water. Now dip your fingers in this solution and let the soak the goodness of oats for about 15 minutes. Later, wash your hands with tap water and then, finish with a good moisturizer. Follow this amazing remedy daily before hitting the bed.

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  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil too is a great option to cure a variety of skin problems, including peeling skin. It moisturizes your skin and keeps it soft and supple.This oil consists of medium chain fatty acids, which ensure that this oil penetrates deep inside the skin. This way it prevents dryness, flaking and itching. Also, coconut oil possesses anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which keep your fingertips away from all sorts of infections.Dab a generous about of coconut oil on your fingertips and massage gently for a few minutes. Do it a couple of times in a day on a regular basis. Make sure you particularly do it before going to the bed so the oil gets absorbed for the entire night. This remedy will surely make your hands soft and smooth.

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  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the answer to a variety of skin ailments, particularly peeled fingertips. This amazing ingredient contains cooling and soothing properties, which not only heal dry and painful peeling fingertips but also soften your skin. This ingredient basically locks the moisture in the skin and thus, prevents various infections.Just take an aloe leaf and scoop out the gel from it using a spoon. If you do not have an aloe vera plant at home, you can buy its gel from the market as well. Massage some gel on your fingertips a couple to times in a day.

  1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is another moisturizing agent, essential for soothing peeled and irritated fingertips. Slightly warm some olive oil and soak your fingers in it for 10 minutes. This remedy will thoroughly nourish your dry skin and thus, prevent peeling. Since olive oil is a rich source of vitamin E, it also improves the quality of your skin.Try another concoction by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil in some lukewarm olive oil. Now massage your fingertips with this concoction for about 10 minutes to soothe dry and peeled skin.

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