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Who doesn’t wish to have silky, smooth hair? Well, a lot of effort goes into maintaining soft, supple and lustrous hair. This silky and shiny texture of your tresses is due to the presence of natural oil on the outer layer of hair. When this layer gets damaged, your hair loses its sheen and become dull and dry.There are a couple of factors that contribute to dull and dry hair, including a certain type of illness, nutritional deficiency, use of chemical-based hair care products, excess exposure to sun, frequent dying, ageing, excess stress, excess content of minerals in water and presence of chlorine in swimming pool.So, if you wish to have soft and shiny hair, you need to protect your beautiful locks from all these types of damages. Besides, you need to ensure a regular, proper hair care routine too.Just add a few natural ingredients to your hair care routine and thus, flaunt your lustrous mane wherever you go. We have listed a few such ingredients for you. Take a look!

  1. Eggs

Eggs are extremely important for hair or rather the best ingredient that provide strength and shine to your tresses. This is because of the presence of protein, fatty acids and lecithin in it. These nutrients help in repairing damaged and dull hair by providing moisture and shine. Also, eggs help in providing strength and volume to your hair.Just take one egg white and mix it with one tablespoon each of olive oil and honey. Whisk well to get a smooth paste and then apply this as a hair mask. Then cover your hair with a shower cap for at least half an hour. Later, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.Alternately, beat two eggs till they become foamy. Now mix it with two tablespoons of almond oil and half cup of yogurt. Apply it on your hair and then wash off after half an hour. Do it at least once in a week.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, particularly the organic and unrefined version, is great for getting shiny and soft hair. It basically locks the moisture in your hair and prevents dryness.Take some lukewarm coconut oil and massage your hair gently with it. Do it for a few minutes and then, let it sit for the entire night. Wash your hair with normal water and mild shampoo the next morning.Another great option is to mix a handful of curry leaves in to two tablespoons of coconut oil and then heat the solution. Once the liquid cools down, massage your hair with it. Then cover your hair with a warm towel for half an hour. Wash off using a mild shampoo.

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  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar too is useful for bringing that extra sheen and softness to your otherwise dull mane. This is because it works as a conditioner, thus making your hair soft and shiny. This vinegar ensures that there is no buildup of residue, responsible for making your hair dull and dry. It is also an amazing remedy for treating dandruff, itchy scalp and frizzy hair.Just mix equal portions of apple cider vinegar and water. Once you shampoo your hair, pour this solution on your hair and massage gently. After a few minutes, wash your hair with cold water.

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  1. Avocado

Avocado possesses essential nutrients that thoroughly moisturize your hair. This further helps in bringing back the shine to your dull hair. Avocado is an amazing remedy for dry and damaged hair as well.Take one ripe avocado and mash it to get its pulp. Now add two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in it. Apply this concoction on your damp hair. Let it sit for half an hour and then, wash off using a mild shampoo. Follow this remedy at least two times in a week for getting soft, shiny and lustrous hair.



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