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Unwanted hair growth deserves quick riddance. Hair growth at arms, legs, face, upper lip and armpits, need safe removal. Here on this page we discuss some natural ways for safe hair removal.

Raw Papaya

Raw papaya has papain content that breaks down hair follicle and curtails hair growth. It gently exfoliates skin and also improves texture of even most sensitive skin types. Mash it well and apply it over unwanted hair. Gently remove the papaya paste on drying.


Turmeric is a wonderful, natural and medicated skin-brightening agent. It not just prevents skin’s inflammation but also deters hair growth. Mix grounded turmeric with milk to make thick paste and apply on unwanted hair. Wash with lukewarm water on drying. Turmeric works best over fine facial hair.

Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour can be mixed with turmeric and water to be applied over arms, face and legs to get rid of unwanted hair. This mixture also keeps skin blemish-free.

Sugar & Lemon Juice

Mix sugar with lemon juice and apply on facial hair. While sugar granules will act as an exfoliating agent, lemon juice will act as astringent and natural bleach.

Lemon-Sugar-Honey Pack

Prepare a face pack with lemon juice, sugar and honey. This face pack will do wonders by gently exfoliating facial hair and then pampering the skin. This mixture acts as a safe and an organic wax that can be used for unwanted hair removal from arms and legs. However, removal of this pack from skin can be a little painful.

Egg Mask & Cornflour

Make a thick paste of egg whites and cornflour. Apply this over hairy skin and pull off after drying. This can be a little painful.

Potato-Lentil Pack

Extract juice of dry potato and mix it with yellow lentil paste (overnight soaked). Apply it over face, arms or legs and scrap off with gentle hands after it dries up. Potato juice will also act as a natural bleaching agent.

Oatmeal & Banana Scrub

Make a natural and a wonderful scrub out of coarsely grounded oatmeal and mashed banana. While oatmeal will exfoliate skin’s unwanted hair, banana will keep skin soft and supple.

Alum Powder & Rosewater

Mix alum powder with rosewater to make a pack of moderate consistency. Use a cotton ball to apply this mix on hair-ridden skin. Allow the mix to dry and then apply another layer. Repeat this process for nearly an hour. Finally, wash the skin area and apply olive oil to moisturize. Don’t apply this remedy for hair growth on sensitive skin.

Benefits of Removing Hair with Organic/Herbal products

  • Regular application of organic or herbal products will gradually diminish the hair growth.
  • Skin stays smooth and blemish-free
  • No blackening or drying of skin
  • No fear of skin infections

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