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When their hair is thinning women feel like they are no longer attractive. The case is same even for the men. For centuries it is being felt that hair possesses the power of attracting the attention. Even in the Bible, one of the character’s strengths is associated with hair. Living with baldhead is distressing in a society where hair is a sign of beauty. So discovering hair loss is devastating for both sexes, but more  distressing for women. So one when feeling hair loss should follow remedies immediately so that one won’t get that effected to damages of hair loss

Thought Of Loss Of Youth:

Loss of hair causes both sexes to feel like they look older and ugly. For centuries loss of hair signifies loss of youth. One feels like no one likes them, no one speaks of them. This complex don’t even allow them to participate in parties to avoid getting teased. They try to avoid getting noticed. So, once when necessary remedies are taken at early stage itself one can be free from being the victim of hair loss inferiority complex

Effects On Self Confidence And Emotional Stability:

Women feel like hair is a symbol of femininity. Hair loss not only affects their self-esteem but also their influence over others. One affected by hair loss lose their self-confidence a lot. They feel like they are not beautiful and attractive any more. Due to this insecurity they try to avoid getting pointed. Feelings like jealousy, envy start to initiate. At an extreme stage this complex results in depression among those who affected by hair loss. So taking care of hair at early stages of hair loss increases emotional stability and self-confidence.

Effects On Social Status:

Hair loss has a devastating effect on social status. As hair plays a major role in presenting our self to others. Those affected by hair loss limit their social activities. They stop meeting their friends to avoid being the topic of teasing. They even avoid to go out except for work. For those who work in front of cameras hair loss causes a devastating damage. So, when effective steps are taken at early stage itself one can eliminate the devastating effects of hair loss.


As hair loss in extreme cases causes depression one has to take measures to control hair loss at early stages itself. Joy By Nature is a place where one can get effective solution to problems regarding hair loss through necessary remedies.


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