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Hair gels are all the craze and hair styling is extremely important. But hair gels re harmful chemicals that damage your hair. Organic gels pose no such problems. 

The 21st century man is not afraid to show that he cares for his looks, and is willing to spend that extra buck on his grooming. Hair care has one of the highest priorities. Hair gels are extremely popular, and the styles which are all the rage require hairgels. However, how safe are these products?

A very popular myth is that hair gels cause balding and hairfall. Most experts agree that this is nothing but a myth. Hair loss is most often due to improper care, not due to everyday products like hair gels and hair mousses.

Even though balding is not due to gels, there are other side effects. The harmful chemicals present in the ingredients cause hair damage which results in dry, coarse or brittle hair. These chemicals not only harm your hair, they also cause damage to your scalp, which further results in growth of hair that has a rough texture and is easily breakable.

Another very real risk with the use these synthetic hair products is that of allergies and cancers. Also, these products cause considerable damage to the environment.

The only way out that ensures both fashion and a head full of good hair, would be to choose organic hair gels. Organic products are free of allergens and other harmful chemicals like cancer causing chemicals. They are absolutely safe and can be used by everyone. Depending upon the type of hair you have and the problems that you are facing, you can choose from a wide variety of hair gels.

  • Tea Tree Extracts: Tea tree oil is known for its property of fighting hair and scalp  It also keeps the scalp from getting flaky and is great for use in dandruff.

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera ensures proper texture and quality of hair while maintaining the quality. It gives the hair a sharp and edgy look which allows you to sculpt your hair in a particular hairstyle.



  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E extracts help keep the hair strong and thick and give a soft texture. They also fight infections and keep the scalp

  • Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil in combination with aloe vera and rosemary promotes hair growth and strengthens hair follicles. Jojoba oil helps in promoting the health of hair. These ingredients also protect against falling of hair due to dryness or coarseness.

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