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Selfies have become an all new social networking fads these days. From celebrities to our college friends everybody is taking keen interest in clicking that one perfect selfie. On our mission to get one fantastic selfie worth hundreds of likes, we end up clicking tons of selfies only to delete later, because they weren’t just good enough. Some lacked proper lighting, angle or your makeup wasn’t just right for the day.

So here we are giving you a small guide on how to click that filter free flawless selfie, without wasting much of your time and energy

  • Light it up

Prefer a spot which has proper lighting for the picture to come clear. Dull lighting can spoil your look whereas adequate light can turn a boring selfie into a hot selfie. Natural light is preferable over the light from electric sources. Simply because sun kissed selfies are a must to have!

  • Pamper your skin

For a filter free selfie you must have a clear skin especially if you do not like putting on too much makeup. With the right skin care products you can manage to have a blemish free smooth skin with a healthy glow.

Taking supplements a healthy skin is also a good option to beautify your skin from the inside

  • Match the angle

While clicking a selfie lift your chin up, so to form an illusion of angular jawline! Alas not everyone has a chiselled jaw line but a little bit of makeup contouring can do the trick. Just go on YouTube and watch one out of million tutorials about contouring!

  • Take care of those pink lips

Lips are one of the chief features of our face, no brainer there! Take care of your lips with some nourishing lip balms . These moisturising lip balms can make your lips soft and supple in no time. Make sure to carry them with you in your bag, always be selfie ready!

  • Those two windows of the soul

Yeah you got me right, it’s your eyes! Glam up your eyes with a nice eye makeup. You can use basic kajal in the beginning, when confident then move on to more complex yet beautiful eye makeup tools like a winged eye liner and eye shadows as per the occasion.

  • Smoothen your skin!

A flawless selfie demands a flawless face. Unfortunately most of us don’t really have a flawless face. Don’t you worry we got it covered!  You can use a light bb or cc cream or just a fairness cream to hide those unwanted blemishes and uneven tone!

Apart from these creams you can also use under eye treatments to fight those baggy dark circles for bright glittery eyes of yours!

Though most of all you need to sport a confident smile for a perfect selfie. Taking care of your skin will surely make your face glow and make you beautiful in all the pictures you take. The key is to cleans the skin from deep within and cover the imperfections from outside for a complete flawless look!


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