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T-zone is the part of the face that is made up of the forehead nose, chin and the area circling the mouth. This region is known as the T-zone as it is shaped like the letter T in many cases. Most of the times can be seen that the T-zone is oilier than the rest of the face due to the presence of higher amount of oil glands present. As a consequence of the higher oil content, more chances of break outs, clogged pores and irritation due to sun/wind burn is prevalent. A common skin type is where the cheeks are normal to dry while the T-zone is of an oily nature. This oily skin is less attractive as it sheds more amount of oil.

Effective remedies for the treatment of oily T-zone

The forehead, nose, chin and other parts of the face are oilier than the other parts of the face and thus they require extra care and attention. Some of the remedies to bid adieu to these greasy spots are as follows.

  • Aloe vera treatment

Aloe vera nourishes the skin tissue and even maintains the pH balance. Some aloe vera gel can be applied on the T-zone area to control the excess oil production. Fresh extracts from the plant even be used and after some time rinsed with water.

  • Lemon Juice

One teaspoon of lemon can be mixed with an equal amount of rose water. This can be used two times a day. This can be used a natural toner and this even unclogs the pores.

  • Keeping the pores clean

In order to control the oil production of the skin, the pores should be kept clean. A good facial cleanser that is pH balanced and made for people having oily skin can be used. For the people with dry skin type, an oil control cleanser can be used during summers.

  • Washing your face at least five times in a day

The correct approach to beat the oil production is to bring washing of face regularly into practice. After leaving the bed in the morning a face wash is a necessity as the body secretes a large amount of oil especially from the T-zone area.

  • Using a water based moisturiser

Many people refrain themselves from using moisturisers as it makes their skin oilier. The repercussion of this step is that it only makes the skin dry and paves the way for more oil production.

  • Keeping a rose water spray handy

Spraying a little amount of rose water spray on the face or dabbing a little amount of rose water in the T-zone area has the ability to control the unpleasant shine due to excessive oil generation.

T-zone oil production can thus be diminished to some extent by following the steps mentioned above. The only requirement is a little extra effort and care.


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