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While most people know that going to be bed without cleaning your face is not the best idea, they are usually unaware of the skin care regime that needs to be followed on a daily basis for healthy skin. Measures differ from one skin type to the other, but there are some basics which can be followed by all.

Importance of Skin Care at Night

Your skin is exposed to a lot throughout the day which includes dirt, pollution, oil and sweat. Thus, when you retire for the day, your skin needs to be cared for specially. Nights are meant for healing and rest. So your skin has to be cleaned and massaged lightly so that, when you sleep, your skin can work on recovering all the damage that has happened to it. Research has shown that new skin cells  grow rapidly during night and thus, caring for your skin is essential before going to bed.

Skin Care Regimes for Night

Cleansing is the first and most important acts for the night but sadly most people don’t know how to do this properly. You can use a cleansing lotion first to get rid of all the oil and grime that accumulates on our skin throughout the day. This needs to be followed up with a wash with warm water and a mild face wash. Products which promise to keep your skin oil free for long are usually hampering the PH balance of your skin and damaging it permanently.

For your body, you need to take a bath in lukewarm water using a mild soap or a body wash. Wipe the water off your skin gently and apply a light moisturizing lotion if the weather isn’t cold or dry and a heavier cream if it is.

Those with a sensitive skin and a daily routine which involves applying makeup or staying under the sun a lot should consider applying a soothing face mask twice or thrice a week after cleansing their face. There are different kinds of ready face masks available in the market with varied uses and purpose. Those who wear makeup often face the issue of clogged pores. Using an appropriate mask will clean their face and allow skin care products to work better by going deep.

The skin around our eyes is very delicate and deserves special care. Take care when cleaning your face and applying moisturizers to not rub it too much lest you want some wrinkles to appear early! Clean your feet well with warm water before going to bed. If you notice chapped heals, use a pumice stone to rub it clean and then apply a good foot cream.

Maintaining a steady skin care regime on a daily basis gives you results in the long run. Click here to find out natural products for enhancing the beauty of your skin.


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