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Being called gorgeous or beautiful is a dream of every women and a compliment which definitely brings a wide smile on everyone’s face. Being owners of healthy skin is not easy because it takes effort. ‘NO’ I don’t intent to scare you! Let’s go through some simple steps which can take you real close to the world of healthy, glowing and flawless skin. Essential oils are gaining stronger place in cosmetic industry today. Have you wondered why? Because of their potency as nature based skin and beautifying agent.

Beauty is a natural asset and pampering and protecting its real essence with nature based product is best thing we can do for ourselves. While there exists a wide range of essential oils, in the following blog we will be restricting ourselves to discussing only those which are meant and can be used for great skin benefits.

Essential oils can be used directly (mixed with carrier oils) or can be infused as major ingredients in beauty products; this way is one most sorted by cosmetic and skin care product manufacturers today. Not deviating from our topic, let’s get to know some most popular, most widely used and best for skin care essential oils available in markets today.

  • Clary Sage:

This oil has wondrous effect in controlling secretion of sebum glands in the skin. Because of its mode of action, the oil benefits owners of dry as well as oily skin. Regular use of clary sage oil helps regulate oil secretion to required normal level, neither high (oily skin) nor too low (dry Skin). Plus this oil also has astringent properties thus tiny amounts added to rose water can be used as an effective toner for all skin types.

  • Frankincense

Acne prone skin loves Frankincense oil. This oil is potent anti-microbial action which prevents further worsening of acne prone skin. For those with open pores, this oil upon regular use helps achieve even skin tone. With its effect in closing open pores, this oil also can help get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and tighten lose facial skin.

  • Lemon Grass

Helping the skin cells regenerate better is the best power packed in small vial of lemongrass oil. This oil when mixed with appropriate carrier oil and used regularly brings required glow and suppleness to the facial skin. The oil also helps get rid of acne and detoxify the skin.


This essential oil is a boon for those with devitalised, dull looking and aging skin. It can be used directly (mixed with carrier oil) or mixed in small amounts to make toner. Both ways it gives you tight, more elastic and glowing skin. While it does not have direct effect on complexion but it makes your skin happy and healthy from within adding the much needed glow to your face.

  • Geranium:

Geranium Essential oil promises younger skin. Its mode of action is based on its ability to increase skin elasticity and tighten lose skin. Regular use can effectively reduce and even revert back effects of skin aging to some extent.


  • Tea Tree:

Skin care researchers swear by positive effects of tea tree oil for acne prone skin. Its healing effect has been related to that of benzoyl peroxide for acne. It anti-microbial activity makes it even better choice. The oil proves good and healthy for both oily and sensitive skin types because in both cases bacterial skin infections are a cause of concern.


Above is list of some essential oils which help you have beautiful skin but that is not all. There are many more in the list and thus you can judge the one best suited for you. While many are in the list and more than one might suit your skin type or condition, chose one easily available in your area. Remember restricting to choosing only pure and high quality product for best results.

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