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Dry skin is the incapability of the body to maintain moisture, causing your skin to become patchy or seem broken, like dry land. Dry skin makes your skin look old though you might be middle-aged. That said, dry skin is when your skin has no control over the retention of moisture on the surface. The usual hydration required to keep the skin healthy is lost. Thus, the skin needs proper treatment and betterment to cure this skin malfunction.

You need your skin to be moisturized not because of the looks, but because it spoils your skin. That is why during winter, your skin feels flaky and irritated. Sometimes, you can feel your skin being dry when the cold wind blows. The feeling you get is like the feeling you get when metal rubs against metal. When your skin is dry, you feel irritated or tingled. Moisturizing your body regularly controls the flow of water in your body through perspiration.

There are natural as well synthetic skin remedy measures for dry skin. Your kitchen usually has all that you need to help you fight against the dry skin  if you want to go for an organic solution. Buying a synthetic moisturizer requires extreme caution and discretion from the user side because of the ingredients. There are skin moisturizers designed for different kinds of skin, and you might feel different side effects like rashes and allergies if you apply a synthetic drug on your skin, which it doesn’t take well.

Here are a few typical signs to see when you have dry skin:

  • Your skin looks scaly.
  • There is a sense of your skin flaking out and being dry.
  • Your skin feels detached from your body.
  • Your skin feels itchy and irritated.
  • You can see scratch marks when you scratch your skin.

Here is a list of few natural products that you can use to  moisturize yourself. These products you can take right from the kitchen.

Olive Oil

There isn’t any house that doesn’t have olive oil. Olive oil has many uses and is a multi-purpose oil available in all homes. Apply olive oil using cotton on the dry skin patch and allow it to soak your skin for a few minutes. Then rinse it off.

The Olive Oil, Lemon, and Salt Scrub

The olive oil, lemon, and salt scrub is a perfect combination for all types of skin. Applying oil directly to your skin might freak you out. This is a better alternative. Use one tablespoon of olive oil, with the lemon juice of one entire lemon, and add five tablespoons of salt. This scrub will make your skin moisturized.


The magic nectar, as people call it, honey has a great variety of uses. Applying honey to your skin can make your skin sticky. Rinse it off after a few minutes. It is sweet smelling as well. Hence, you have no issues of using this to moisturize your skin.

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