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The human body responds differently to varying weather conditions and this is also reflected through our skin. You cannot expect your skin to react in the same way to moisturizers in the scorching heat of summers as it will in the dry months of December and January. Adopting varying skin care regimes at different times of the year is imperative towards achieving healthy and glowing skin in the long run.

Skin Care for summers

The primary concern during the months of summer, especially in countries with tropical and sub-tropical climates is the scorching heat and strong sun rays. Along with this, if you live in a city which is close to a water body or the ocean, you will also experience a lot of humidity. This will lead to sweat, body odor and accumulation of grime on your face along with extra secretion of oil. Thus, it is very important to keep your skin clean during this time of the year. However, rubbing it too much or using strong chemicals will lead to further damage. The secret is thus to go for natural, soothing products. It goes without saying that whenever you go out during summer, you ought to apply sunscreen, chosen according to your skin type. Gel based sunscreens are usually best for oily skin while creams work well on dry skin. Applying soothing lotions or gels made from ingredients such as aloe vera will help your skin heal.

Skin Care for winters

Moisturizing your skin should be your primary aim during the months of winter. However, even then you must keep your skin type in mind. There is a general tendency to skip sunscreen during winter which is not just wrong but harmful for your skin. Apply sunscreen, even if lightly, before you step out in the sun, irrespective of the weather. Take special care of your hands during winter as they tend to get drier then. Carry a small bottle of moisturizer in your handbag and apply whenever it feels dry. Lips and heels are two other sensitive areas of the body during the colder months. Always carry a lip balm with you and apply it also when you are at home. Clean your feet when you take a shower and before going to bed at night. A foot cream is particularly relevant in this weather.  

Skin Care during autumn and spring

These are the transitional months and thus, your skin will need time to adjust to the season approaching. Choose lightweight moisturizers for spring and the same for autumn. Hand creams and lip balms should not be skipped in these seasons by any means. Exfoliation is also important since the skin is likely to shed old tissues.

Pay attention to what your skin in saying and respond accordingly. Treat your skin with what it needs throughout the year and a few years down the line, you will be stealing glances. Click here to find out wonderful skin care products from Joy By Nature.


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