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The problems that can affect your feet are numerous ranging from dry skin, corn, fungal infection, chipped nails, cracked heels and so on so forth. Feet demand regular care and nourishment. Regular pedicure, use of a good foot cream and scrub can cure most of the said problems.

Pretty feet are the most overlooked aspect of beauty. We spend a fortune on makeup, a lot more on clothes and shoes but for feet we do nothing. But have you ever thought what a waste your expensive footwear is if your feet are not cared for! Improper foot care can lead to a host of problems like cracked heels, dry skin, bad nails etc.

The major problems that arise due to improper care are:

  • Cracked heels

Formation of dead skin is very fast in the heels. This layer of dead skin needs to be exfoliated away regularly before the outer layer of heels become dry and cracked.  Cracked heels can be very painful and look very unpleasing. Not to forget it can become a breeding ground of fungi and bacteria. Therefore adequate moisturization and exfoliation is the key to smooth heels.

  • Uneven skin tone

Due to lack of proper care of feet, the skin might develop patches near ankle due to accumulation of dirt and dry skin. This dry skin if not scrubbed away, the uneven skin tone gets even more stubborn!

  • Bacterial infection and corns

Your feet can become a breeding ground for host of bacteria to grow and multiply. Accumulation of dirt and dry skin provides ideal conditions for bacterial infection.  This can cause severe skin problems and health issues. An anti-bacterial solution can however reduce the chance of such infections and corns.

  • Dry skin

Without adequate nourishment the skin tends to become dry and dull. Such skin often develops white scales which not only looks bad, but also give an uncomfortable stretched sensation in feet. Due to this the nail beds can also become dry and weak. Hence, a foot cream (or lotion) is a must to avoid dry skin.

  • Chipped nails

Lack of care leaves nails dry and brittle. They tend to chip off easy as they become weak. Nail breakage can be very painful and also make your feet look bad. Hence regular pedicure is necessary to keep those nails shinning and strong.

Beautiful feet are not very difficult to maintain. It just needs proper nourishment and exfoliation with proper disinfection. You should not ignore them as happy feet are an important part of body care and grooming.


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