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Dandruff is the white flaky stuff stuck on the scalp of your head. It causes itchiness and irritated scalp. And is one of the most common problems faced by many people. Dandruff can cause due to dryness caused by a harsh shampoo or other infections. Lack of sufficient oiling of hair can also cause dandruff especially in winters.

Dandruff can spoil the way your hair look meanwhile damaging your hair from deep within. Dandruff can slowly ruin your hair by the following ways:

  • Itchiness

Dandruff causes mild to extreme itchiness on the scalp. Hence, people tend to over scratch their heads, worsening the problem and making the skin further dry and broken. Constant itchiness can cause redness and irritated skin. Timely treatment is very necessary for the hair and scalp.

  • Oily hair

Due to the lack of moisture on scalp, dandruff forms most of the time. The body’s mechanism to fight dryness is to produce more natural oil on the skin, known as sebum. Due to excessive formation of sebum, hair tends to become oily. In order to avoid such dryness, a nice condition and nourishing hair oil must be used. Apart from oils and conditioners, serums are also a good option as they are easy to apply.

  • Hair fall and thinning

Due to aggressive scratching of scalp due because of dandruff, a lot of time hair falls off mechanically. Hair thinning is also associated with dandruff. Having dandruff on your scalp can kill the volume of hair and make them look damaged. To avoid such disastrous situations, you can use an appropriate treatment for hair fall, or thinning. Also don’t forget to treat the root cause of all, “dandruff”.

  • Dull dry hair

Dandruff makes hair look dull and dry. This is because at first place dandruff forms due to dryness. And this cycle goes on till the hair gets a nourishing treatment. You can try a new conditioner to repair the dryness. Try damage repair mild conditioner every time you shampoo for best results. And wash your hair in cold water, as hot water washes off the natural oils too.

  • Slow growth

As dandruff causes too much damage already, there is little scope left for growth of the hair. The hair keeps on getting damaged and becomes weaker and weaker. The hair dries off all the necessary nutrients needed for steady growth. Your hair won’t grow and their quality keeps on depleting drastically.

Dandruff plagues 5 out of 10 people on an average. It is a fairly common problem and also a very serious one. Often ignored which results in severe hair fall, dull dry hair, skin irritation and slow growth. Hence, you must not just dust it off from your shoulders but also toss it off your hair.


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