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Shaving is a ritual for men. For some it is a matter of pride but to get that clean shaven look right, you need to master the technique of shaving. Your facial skin is sensitive than the other parts of your body, you need to treat it right.

Follow these steps to become a master of shaving!

  • Cleanse your face

Washing your face with a suitable face wash removes oil and dirt from the skin. This preps the skin for the shaving. The facial hair also softens and makes it easier for the razer to move.

  • Lather it up

Picking a shaving foam or cream is a tricky choice. The key is to go for products which will not irritate your skin, going for shaving creams which are organic is a safer way to go. Dole out a generous amount of cream on the shaving brush and move it in circular motions. For a luscious lather do not break the motion. Never use a razor without moistening the area.

  • Get that razor right

Before you dive into shaving your stubble, make sure the razor you are using is not blunt or rusted. Invest in razor with twin blades to give you a precise shave or one blade razor is fine as well. Keep replacing the blades after three to six shaves.

  • The right brush for the right stroke

Using a soft bristle brush is smoother on your skin and reduces the changes of rashes drastically. It also helps in lathering the cream right. Round headed brushes should be preferred as they cover more area.

  • After care

After you’ve shaved, you’ve just removed two layers of skin with your facial hair. It is at this time when your skin is most vulnerable; it I prone to bumps and rashes if not tended to. Proper aftercare would be to rinse your face with warm water and pat dry; do not rub! Wash with cold water. Apply mild antiseptic cream if you feel itchy anywhere.

  • Invest in an after shave

Apply an aftershave or aftershave lotion; it helps regain the lost moisture from your skin and makes the newly shaven skin smooth and supple.

A clean shaven man is an attractive man or so is the popular opinion among the fairer sex. If you are going for the clean shaven look, do it right because your personal grooming reflects your personality.

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