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You’re combing your hair; your eye catches the sight of the comb teeth. What do you see? A tuft of hair tangles in it. You start fretting about your daily hair loss and that upsets you. To get rid of hair fall and the stress it causes you on daily basis, follow these two steps.

  • Investigate the cause

Hair fall is caused by various factors. To reduce it you need to have an idea about what is causing it.

Here are some reasons:

  • Climatic factors:Your hair is exposed to the environment and the changes in the surroundings like weather change or increase in pollution level, etc. can trigger hair loss.
  • Genetic factor:If there is a tendency of hair loss or baldness in your family line then the hair fall is related to your genes, in such a case consult a specialist for treatment.
  • Chemical factor:The hair products you’ve been using or any other product which might come in contact with your hair may be the reason of hair damage and hence hair loss. Avoid those products or/and switch to organic products.
  • Stress and diet factor:Any recent stressful events or improper/insufficient diet can cause hair loss.
  • Remedies
  • Improve your diet:You need to increase your protein diet. Increase your meat intake. Your zinc levels in food should also increase.
  • Use organic products:A lot of hair fall is due to chemical damage so to reduce that using organic products for hair treatment.

You need to ditch the chemical laden shampoos and hair conditioners and opt for healthier products. Also shampooing should be limited to 2-3 times a week.

  • Check your comb:Do not battle with your hair with your comb, rough combing increases the number of strands that are broken. Use wide toothed comb or combs meant only for detangling.

  • Oil your hair:Oiling your hair once in a week rejuvenates the scalp and restores the damage caused to the hair follicles. Using herbal oils is the best as it has zero side effects.
  • Clear that dandruff: Dandruff is the main cause of hair loss in a lot of people. It settles on the hair follicles and makes them weak. Dandruff control is important to prevent hair loss. There are various products available in the market but all of them though lessen dandruff but damage your hair in the long run. Using products which are chemically safe is not only advisable but helpful to your hair.

  • Cover that bald patch: if you’re suffering from severe hair loss which has caused intensive hair thinning or even bald patches, go for hair vitalizers or hair thickeners.

Hair loss is a very stressful event as we become utterly self-conscious about our looks and insecure about what people think of us. It can even trigger depression in extreme cases, so if you’re going through hair fall it is better and effective to opt for herbal hair care products rather than dosing your hair in chemicals.

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