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Take a break from your regular hair color and try out crazy hair colors like red, blue and green to explore the crazy you. Go out and get complements for getting out of the box and getting creative!

Have you not changed so much in your life? Then why not your hair color? Everyone has tried the same old brunette and the blonde look. Why not break free from the clichéd looks of every second person on the street that has either golden or black hair or highlights.

 Try out something fun and happening. If you feel that coloring your hair will damage them, worry not! Try organic hair colors, and your hair will stay healthy and safe! Getting out of the box and exploring is what life is about. Try out new crazy looks. Get creative, and try out these new hair colors.

  1. Red 

Yes! That's the favorite of most people who want to try out something new, but are hesitant for more bold colors. Color your mane entirely red or carrot; else get red highlights, which look amazing with black and blonde both! 

  1. Purple

For people who are a little bolder, purple highlights can look really appealing on black hair. Try out the ombré look with this color and the complements just won’t stop. 

  1. Electric Blue

Again, this color looks wonderful on black or dark hair. Blue highlights will make you stand out in a very good way. They merge with dark hair beautifully and give blonde hair some depth. You won't even have to worry whether they go with your clothes or not!

  1. Green

If you want to go absolutely crazy, color your hair green. Green ombré looks fabulous both, on blonde and brunette hair. It makes you look like a sport and is a very fun color. Merge it with a blue ombré pattern for it to look more natural. 

  1. Rainbow!

Why restrict yourself to just one color? Go berserk with highlighting your hair with red, purple, green, blue and pink altogether!  No, I'm not insane. Have you seen Avril Lavigne sport the rainbow look? She looks absolutely gorgeous. This is another style in which you won't have to worry about it going with your clothes! Be absolutely confident and everyone else will love the new look too. 

Changing your hair color can transform your look completely. Break free from the norms and try out these new and gorgeous hair colors which will help you discover yourself. Its temporary therefore will wash off with time or if you love it, you can keep it permanently by getting regular touch-ups. So go and explore girl! Get creative! 

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